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    Ever been afraid that you might become a victim if you step in to prevent someone else from being bullied?
    Now you can safely take a stand against bullying by anonymously reporting instances of bullying via text message every school day from 7:15 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.
    • An estimated 160,000 students miss school each day due to bullying.
    • 25% of students who bully will be convicted of a crime in adulthood.
    • 85% of bullying/harassment is witnessed, but it is only reported or addressed 10% of the time.
    • Bystanders are fearful they will be the next victim if they speak out.
    Using a web-based communication service that enables one-to-one text messaging between users and operators, students in need of assistance may use their cell phone to alert an operator that help is needed. The operator is able to continue texting with the witness to gather more information as necessary and contact a school administrator to immediately address the situation.
    Students can find the phone number to use to text an SMS operator on posters throughout the high school and on special videos shared during morning announcements.
    Help make QHS a safe and welcoming place for everyone - take a stand against bullying.