Fun in the Sun… Learning on the Q-munity Bus!

Summer Academy is going well! This week, the Q-munity Bus has been parked out by WHBI to allow students to have some time away from classrooms to jump into learning new skills and honing their abilities. 

The Q-Munity Bus is a school and community partnership supporting Queensbury by providing resources, engaging educational opportunities and hosting family-friendly events.

Queensbury’s community partnerships can reserve the bus both in-district and outside of the district by using this scheduling link.

The bus is equipped with state-of-the-art furnishings, white boards with dry erase markers, OSMO tablets that merge tactile exploration with innovative technology that actively engage children in the learning process, and hands-on learning materials for number and math learning. The bus also has Wi-Fi, a TV with an HDMI cable, a Chromebook, a microphone and surround sound system, Ozobots, Spheros, a Giant Jenga, arts/crafts, and a supply basket. 

Check out the below photos of students hard at work learning new skills and playing with their peers. 

students play around Q-munity Bus with tables set up
The Q-munity bus parked to provide shade and an alternative classroom experience

A girl and boy work on their lettering with dry erase boards
Students use white boards to practice their lettering

For more information on the Q-munity bus, visit this link.