International Baccalaureate students took on summer reading challenge

Rising IB English seniors took part in a summer reading challenge to read a book along with a faculty reading partner, who would offer a new perspective. They then need to have one conversation about the book before the second week of school. Student and teacher meet to discuss a book at a restaurant

Students have been meeting up for their book chats around town.  

Year after year, many faculty and staff members at Queensbury High School voluntarily participate in this program, including: Meg Chance, Stephen Collins, Cindy Pepper, Mary Kate Povak, Lucy Prostko, HG, Jane Hoskins, Liz Daley, Monica Coccia, Leah Grady, Amanda Denno, Stephanie Mattia, K-Rod, Student and teacher meet up outside of school to discuss bookEmily Metzger, Robbie Burke, Beth Dennett, Kayla Tatko, Jody Nolan, Sue Sanchez, Kelly Montanye, Etta Kroner, Austin Cowper, Kristin Houghton, Jackie Foster, Jess Donnelly, Joel Brown, Chris Estremera, Tim Jones, Marnie DeJohn, Andy Terry, Cheryl Straut, Lisa Fort, Kim Higgins, Nina Russo, Maureen Bailey, Bridget Sasko, Jason Tenner, and Alex Townes as well as QMS teachers Ally Derway and Patti Cirillo.