Let’s talk shop: QHS construction students receive OSHA 10-hour training led by Needham Risk Management

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Mike Needham from Needham Risk Management came to Queensbury High School to lead an OSHA 10-hour training course for the QHS construction students. 

According to OSHA’s educational website, the OSHA 10-hour training is designed for entry-level workers in construction and general industry. While the OSHA Outreach Training Program is voluntary, employers may require new employees to earn an OSHA 10 card before they can start work. This training is also mandatory in certain states, cities and local jurisdictions.

Giving high school students the opportunity to complete this training during school time is of incredible value, as they may need this certification in order to work a job during the summer or post-graduation. Already having the training out of the way also encourages them to expand their working knowledge and apply for positions slightly out of their reach, which builds a positive self-image and helps them plan for the future.

Superintendent Kyle Gannon says, “I am very proud that we are able to offer OSHA 10 at Queensbury. We have committed to enhancing our CTE programs here and realize this is an important path for our students.”