Love at first moo: kindergartners adopt a kissable calf

Annabelle is definitely the most kissable cow at QES.

But she needs your vote.A Holstein heifer drinking milk from a bottle

Elissa Eichin’s kindergarten class at Queensbury Elementary School is participating in Discover Dairy’s Adopt a Cow program, which has been “love at first moo” for her students.

The kindergartners are hoping their Holstein heifer named Annabelle wins the title of “Most Kissable Calf” through a competition held online by Discover Dairy

Annabelle is running against 83 other bovine to win the “Most Kissable Calf” title and currently has about 2,579 votes. Click on this link to vote for Annabelle

Teacher and students in a kindergarten classroomPolls close at the end of February. The winning calf and her host family will receive a calf care package. 

Eichin’s class gets weekly updates on the quadruped to find out how much 4-month-old Annabelle is eating and growing. Farmer April sends video updates to keep the kids and their calf connected.  

Eichin hosts Farm Fridays in her classroom where her students learn about dairy farming, foods that come from cows and farming. A section of her classroom is designated the “Cow-medy Corner,” boasting pictures and updates on Annabelle.

Little girl in cow hat

Annabelle now stands at 43 inches tall, the height of a second grader. And she weighs 332 pounds already. 

Parents can download the Discover Dairy App to see updates on Annabelle as well. 

“I’m hoping that it teaches the students an appreciation for where their milk and cheese and other products come from,” Eichin said, “and also make them aware of farming.”