More than 1,700 grandparents attend 30th annual Grandparents’ Breakfast

More than 1,700 grandparents of Queensbury students visited campus for the district’s 30th annual Grandparents’ Breakfast event. Each year, it’s an opportunity for children in grades K-5 to showcase and share their school life with their grandparents and something that is equally enjoyed by all who participate.

“The grandparents get to see a day in their grandchild’s life,” said Queensbury Elementary School Principal Jessica Rossetti. “The students love to perform for them and it’s a proud moment for everyone.”

During each grade level breakfast, students enjoyed eating and sharing stories with their grandparents, followed by performances of holiday songs they had prepared for the program. Hannaford and Bimbo Foods Inc. provided paper products, milk, juice, pastries and danishes, as well as cakes for grandparents who traveled long distances. In addition, the district’s food service provider, Aramark, provided cereal for attendees.

This year’s WHBI grade four breakfast had a special guest, retired WHBI principal, Michael O’Neill, who began the Grandparents’ Breakfast tradition 30 years ago.

“I started to notice how grandparents had a huge part in the kids’ lives that they didn’t have when I was growing up,” said O’Neill. “So I said, let’s give this a try and see what happens. Little did we know.”

30 years later, thousands of grandparents have visited the Queensbury campus for the annual breakfast event, some two, even three times, depending on how many grandchildren they have. O’Neill says he still hears about it in the community.

“It’s terrific that they’ve kept this going,” he said.

“The relationship between a child and his or her grandparents is so important,” added WHBI Principal John Luthringer. “The breakfasts gives them an opportunity to see what we’re doing here. It’s really special.”