Overview of the QHS parent information night

On Thursday, Aug. 20, QHS held a reopening parent information night. If you were unable to attend, you can watch the presentation on our YouTube channel.


Health and safety/cleaning protocols

What are the pre-screening requirements for students and staff?
Students and Staff will be expected to pre-screen every morning before entering the building. The pre-screening will be done on a web app that gets pushed out through email and text.

What happens when a student forgets to pre-screen or answers ‘yes’ to any of the pre-screen questions?
If a student answers yes, the app will advise the student to stay home from school and get more guidance from a healthcare professional. If a student forgets to pre-screen before coming to school, staff will locate these students and get them screened.

Will the classrooms get cleaned after each block? Who is cleaning the classrooms? If so, where will the students be during cleaning?
Students and staff are permitted to clean but not disinfect. Green cleaning supplies will be available. Disinfecting will be done after students have left the building.

Why are mask breaks permitted? Isn’t this dangerous?
Mask breaks are permitted as per Warren County Public Health and Needham Risk Management whom we work with on our district safety procedures. Mask breaks when done in a controlled manner and maintaining physical distancing standards are considered safe.

If there is a confirmed COVID case, does everyone in that student’s class need to quarantine?
In the event of a confirmed case, we will work with contact tracers and Warren county public health to determine who if anyone needs to quarantine. If all safety guidelines are being followed the risk of exposure and the need to quarantine are minimal.

If there is a confirmed COVID case, will the school close?
No. If there is a confirmed case we will follow our protocols which have been developed in conjunction with Warren County Public Health and Needham Risk Management.

How will students’ temperatures be taken prior to school…at the school or by parents, and if at home, how will you determine it is legitimate?
Students should fill out the pre-screening at home before coming to school. There is no way to know for sure if students and families are doing everything correctly. We need to work together to keep the process as accurate as possible.

Is it true that masks will not be required to be worn in the classroom?
Masks will be required in the classroom. Mask breaks are allowed at the discretion of the teacher.

If a student is found to test positive, what will happen to the students who were in direct contact with this student? Will they have to quarantine and miss school if they are not demonstrating symptoms? Will they be required to undergo testing and if so are they out of school until results come in? How will this be noted on student records to show colleges that they were not sick/skipping school but were following school requirements/precautions?
We will follow the guidance of Warren county public health and contact tracers in determining who will need to quarantine. If safety guidelines are followed the risk of exposure is greatly reduced. Testing may be required as determined by Warren county public health, students required to test may be advised to remain home until the results are received. Any absences incurred due to COVID-19 will be noted as excused absences. This protects student health records and indicates the absences were medically necessary.

If a teacher is required to quarantine or becomes sick, how will the district accommodate this when there is such a shortage of subs? How will you determine that the sub is not a carrier of the virus and bringing it into the building?
The school will have to have coverage for classes as students will be here in person. Subs will be required to screen before coming into the building.

Are teachers going to be allowed the choice to teach remotely if they have compromised immunities or compromised family members but are not infected themselves? If so, what will this look like for students who are attending school in person?
Teachers are expected to attend school as we will have students in the building under their direction.

There is increasing evidence that SARS-Co-V2 is spread via airborne aerosols produced by normal speech and breathing that may spread much greater than 6 feet and can remain suspended for greater than 3 hours. With this in mind, how can the district justify indoor dining and “mask breaks”?
The plans in place are allowable under the guidelines that have been provided from Warren County Public Health.

Have MERV-13 (or higher) filters been installed on the HVAC systems? Has the district opened dampers on HVAC to allow increased fresh air and avoid recirculation?
We are using Glassfloss brand Merv-11 filters. The HVAC systems are set to increase the airflow in the building. We are increasing the air flow into the building from the mandated 10% outside air to a minimum of 20%.

Will there be free-standing HEPA filters in classrooms as recommended by ASHRAE for all places of business?
No, schools are not required to have individual air cleaners in each classroom.

Has the district consulted with an epidemiologist regarding best practices for SARS-Co-V2 testing? What percentage of students and staff will be tested and how often?
The school district will not be testing students and staff. Our plans have been developed in conjunction with our medical director, Warren County Public Health and Needham Risk Management.

Will outdoor classes be encouraged? Recess or breaks without masked (outdoors) when possible? Classroom windows should be opened as well as exterior doors when possible. Fresh air is better than even upgraded HVAC system air.
Yes, outdoor classes will be encouraged. Mask breaks will be at the discretion of the teachers. The HVAC system is balanced to handle the airflow in the building best when the doors are closed to the classroom.

When switching every block, how will the desks and chairs be cleaned between each different class? And who will be doing the cleaning? Teachers or custodial staff?
Student work spaces will be cleaned by students at the start of every block to ensure that every student has a clean space for that block. All classrooms will be disinfected at the end of the day, after students have left the building. High touch points will be disinfected three times a day.

When will parents/students get access to the screening app?
The screening app is in its final stages of development. The faculty and staff will be using this app in the next couple of weeks and it will be available to parents and students prior to school. A message will be sent to parents’ cell phone through text as well as an email.


What does the hybrid schedule look like?
Students in the hybrid model will attend school every other day. On days they are not present they will be required to log in remotely. We will be following an AABBCCDD model for classes. They will be present for all the A-Day classes one day and virtual the next. This rotation maximizes in-person time for each class.

What does full remote, virtual instruction look like? How will students ask questions?
Students will log in daily to their classes on their schedule. The process for asking questions will vary depending on the process teachers put in place for their class.

Are the children able to watch live classroom lectures in real time for remote learning from home and are they able to submit questions during said lectures and get a response back from the teacher?
Students will be able to see lectures in real-time. The process for questions will be determined by the classroom teacher.

On the days that the kids are doing the virtual learning, if the teacher is teaching a live class, how is she/he going to see the questions kids put in the chat box in real time? How are the kids supposed to tell the teacher if things are going too fast, that they need something repeated or if they aren’t able to keep up with the lesson?
Teachers will develop a process for each class to address questions.

On the days when the kids are home, will their classes be live streaming directly from class?
Students will be expected to follow their schedule and log in to get instruction from the teacher when they are on their home learning day.

How will teachers communicate with each other during the virtual learning portion of the hybrid schedule to ensure that students are not being overloaded with assignments following the virtual class.
Teachers will be in the building every day and are able to communicate/discuss their curriculums and assignments. Teachers have curriculum maps in order to keep students on track to complete the course work in the time given. Common planning time has been provided to teachers every Wednesday for these purposes.

Will teachers be available after school for extra help?
Yes, teachers will have office hours between 2-2:40 p.m. If a student is a full virtual learner, they should arrange a time with their teacher to get extra help through Google Meet.

Will classes be divided by cohorts throughout their whole schedule so they are with the same kids each day?
Grade levels are split alphabetically. The same kids will be in group 1 and group 2 when present for their in-person day.

Please explain the freshman schedule. I understand it is by last name, but is it every other day the child would go to class?
Correct, the Freshman will be on the same schedule as the 10-12th grade. They will come to school every other day with their assigned group. When they are at home, they will participate in their classes remotely.

Instruction – art

When will class material lists come out for art classes so that we can purchase materials only our students will handle?
The art department will be putting together some supplies for our students’ needs when we return and after meeting with each student group will provide a list after the first two weeks. We have devoted many hours to projects that we can prepare materials and are hopeful that after we have met with each group the demand on parents will be minimal. We are excited to share the exciting lessons with our students!

Instruction – IB

Will the IB students be following the hybrid schedule as well? My daughter is a Whitehall student who will be a senior in the IB program.
Yes, IB students will be following the hybrid schedule as well. Students from other districts will be placed in the same group.

Instruction – music

Will QHS still offer Chorus and Orchestra/Band? If so, what are the guidelines?
Yes, 12 feet apart for band and chorus. 6 feet apart for orchestra.

What will performance based classes look like? Will there be concerts this year?
Performance-based classes will still happen at the high school under the guidelines provided. However, at this time there are no extra-curricular activities. Concert dates will remain on the calendar and may be treated as curricular goal dates. Each instructor may treat a concert date differently, some may provide a livestream concert from the classroom or a livestream or recorded rehearsal. The teachers will do what is best for each ensemble.

Could you please describe what the orchestra block will look like? Will bass/cello students be required to bring in their own instruments?
Orchestra will look similar to what it has in the past. Due to the hybrid schedule, there will be few students in each rehearsal. There will be 6 foot spacing between each member. Students will not be required to bring in cello and bass instruments, but they are welcome to.

I couldn’t find a plan for chorus and band for high school students. My son’s talent is in the arts and I am worried he will not be allowed to participate. He is currently scheduled to take both band and chorus.
All music course offerings are still in the schedule. Band and chorus will look different due to spacing, but they will still have a musical experience. Rotational lessons are still a component of band, chorus and orchestra. These small group lessons will provide the more individualized instruction that these ensembles have had in the past.

Instruction – physical education

Is block zero PE still offered? Is an independent gym available to all students?
The zero block PE class will still be offered. There will be some adjustments to allow for students to return home and prepare for the day. There are special circumstances that may require independent PE. These are for students who are full IB students or CTE students who require resource room as per their IEP.

Instruction – STEM

What will virtual students do for science labs?
In-person learners:

  • In-school hands-on lab activities will be conducted by physically distancing students 6 feet apart
  • All students and their parents must sign our Laboratory Safety Contract
  • All students will wear a mask at all times, along with any other PPE required for that particular lab
  • Students must sanitize their hands before and after using lab equipment
  • Students must clean all lab equipment before and after each use
  • Lab stations will be set up so to minimize movement around the room
  • Students will likely work individually (instead of pairs) to maintain physical distancing

Remote learners:

Laboratory Simulation Programs will be used for both hybrid and remote learners. The science department is working toward providing one hands-on lab activity per quarter with materials that can be found or made at home. Students must have access to colored pencils, scissors, and glue/glue sticks for at home labs


What is the schedule for CTE (BOCES) students?
Hybrid, following the same schedule as QHS.

What is the schedule for ECCA/P-TECH students? Will the school provide transportation?
They will attend every day.

Are students permitted to drive to BOCES?
Yes, they need to fill out the proper paperwork. There is a BOCES driving form along with a QHS permission form.

How will my child (11th grade) go to school every other day and go to PTEC everyday and will have to be bused to the college. What happens on days he is scheduled for 11th grade to go to school virtual and he has to go to college.
ECCA Students (Former PTECH Students) will be provided with transportation to and from QHS to SUNY Adirondack for their Block 1 and 2 programming. They will return to QHS and can either go home on their virtual learning days (or gain transportation home directly from the college) or they will be provided with a study hall classroom to log on virtually to their classes.

How is it going to work if my child has BOCES if she is doing online classes? Will BOCES be online as well? If not will they let her be dropped off and picked back up from BOCES?
CTE BOCES is following a hybrid schedule that is identical to QHS. Virtual instruction will be provided on days in which students are learning remotely. Eligible drivers will be permitted to drive to and from Southern Adirondack – a signed permit must be submitted. Parents may also provide transportation, and QHS is providing a bus.

If BOCES still has the students go to class 5 days, if I drop my child off to her cousins, which is behind BOCES, can she walk to class and back?

Counseling center

Will there be more communication and guidance for seniors and parents via website and emails on changes with the college application submission process, especially if school goes 100 percent online?”
We will be utilizing the QHS Counseling Center Google Classroom and Naviance to push out all Senior College and Career Readiness information. We are hosting a virtual Senior night on Sept. 27, with a Q and A Session and Financial Aid Presentation. We will also be meeting with every senior individually (either in person or virtually) for their senior annual conference in the fall to discuss an action plan for each senior and their post-secondary plans.

When will student schedules be finalized?
Finalized schedules will be mailed home on Friday, Aug. 28 and will be live on the SchoolTool portal on Tuesday, Sept. 1. Students will have an opportunity to add/drop courses during our designated dates within or at the 3 week mark of beginning of the school year.

Will students be able to change any of their classes? For example can they replace a high school course for a a SUNY course.
Students will have to wait until the add/drop deadline.

Freshman orientation/HS orientation

Will there be a reopening orientation day for HS students?
Yes, it will be virtual.

How will QHS hold freshman orientation?

Will freshmen have an in-person orientation? Will students be able to walk their schedule prior to the first day?
There will not be an in person orientation. A virtual tour of the building will be shared out prior to the first day of school.

Freshman will still receive their new Chromebooks, parents can pick them up on Aug. 27. A SchoolMessenger with more details will be going out by Friday.

We just received the letter stating that orientation for freshmen will be virtual. My daughter is very upset about starting in the new building with none of her friends with her. How will you be dealing with them on the first day when they have not been in the building to walk around and see where their classrooms are? Will there be teachers in the hallway or signs directing them to the correct hallway for each subject?
There are numerous support staff and people available to assist students in finding their classes.

How does my freshman receive a new Chromebook?
All freshman can pick up their new Chromebook on Thursday, Aug. 27. 

Pick up times
Group 1: Last names beginning with A-K: 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
Group 2: Last names beginning with L-Z: 12- 1 p.m.

QHS Back Entrance (Blue Gym Entrance)


  • Please stay in your vehicle and pull up to the back entrance where you will be greeted by a staff member
  • You must bring and return your 8th grade ASUS Chromebook (or loaner Chromebook) and charger to turn in to receive your new Chromebook
  • Once your old Chromebook is returned, you will be assigned your new Chromebook.
  • All 9th grade students must renew their Extended Care Chromebook to cover future breaks. This does not roll over from 8th grade. 


My son is on a 504 plan, due to his hearing loss is there anything we can do to help him during the coming school year. He is normally placed in the front of his class and his good ear towards the teacher. With the face mask being used he is finding it hard to hear people plus he relies a lot on lip reading. Any suggestions on how to make his first year of QHS a great one?
Teachers will follow any accommodations that have been put in place on a student’s IEP/504 plan. For students with hearing loss clear face masks will be provided to teachers. If accommodations are not able to be provided due to the current circumstances, other options will be discussed to ensure that the student is able to have a good year at QHS.

For remote students, if there is a IEP/IDP in place, how will it be integrated into the students day if they are not at the school?
Please contact Kris Bennett-Barnes (Director of Student Support Services) or Robyn Scotland (Asst. Director of Student Support Services) with specific questions regarding your child’s IEP.

Support will be provided for those students who have an IEP.


Will ECCA students still be bussed from QHS to SUNY Adirondack and how will that work for seniors who will not attend QHS everyday, but will be expected to attend ECCA classes everyday? Also, if we chose the option for drop off, does that exclude our kids from riding the bus to and from SUNY Adirondack?
Seniors who do not have their own transportation can use QHS transportation in the morning and utilize study hall blocks 1 and 2 on their virtual learning days before accessing their transportation to SUNY Adirondack in the afternoon.


I have to be at work by 7 and I normally drop my daughter off at 6:40 a.m., what’s the earliest she can be dropped off at? Also, how late can she be at school since I wouldn’t be able to pick her up till 3:30?
Students can be dropped off early and wait in the cafeteria. She should take the bus home at 2 p.m.

My family lives in a home where high speed internet is not available. Many days we have no access to any internet service and when there is service, it is very slow and it’s not possible for multiple people to be using the service at the same time. Over the years we have contacted Spectrum and town officials regarding this issue and have been told there are no plans to provide high speed internet service at our location. Is the school able to assist with this issue? If my children are unable to connect with all of their classes on virtual days due to internet issues, how will this be addressed by their teachers/the school?
We can look to see what options we have available for assisting with this. If the situation cannot be resolved by gaining connectivity we will have to look at other ways to ensure the students are staying up to date in their classes.

If households have no internet or limited internet connectivity please reach out to the building and/or email techhelp@queensburyschool.org. We will be providing mifi units for students in need on a case by case basis.

Will students be traveling between classes as they typically would?
Yes, at half capacity in the building, students will use one way directions in the building.

Will a parent be notified in real time (phone or email) if a child hasn’t signed on or isn’t in their classes, during virtual days?
Parents will be notified if their child is absent. It may not occur during the class time.

What are the parameters for determining when students can resume full-time, in person learning? Do you see this being able to happen this year?
We will follow guidance from our state and local governments in regards to opening for full time in person learning.

What will the lunch period look like? Will students be given assigned seating with a particular cohort?
Lunches will be assigned based on their 3rd block class. We are looking to reduce the number of lunches from 4 to 3 to allow more time for cleaning in between.

Will students be allowed to visit teachers, the library, etc. during study halls?
Students can see a teacher for extra help with a pre-signed pass during study hall. This must be pre-arranged with the teacher.

When will a final decision be made about different large school functions like prom for the seniors?
Extracurricular activities will be discussed again near the end of September.

Will there still be afterschool clubs?
At this time sports and extracurricular activities are on hold until Sept. 21.

I have heard that students have chosen the virtual option because they realize that they will be able to use their notes, phones and friends to get answers when exams are given. How is this going to be addressed? Will exams no longer be given so that all students (even those who are in class) grades are reflected equally? Or will in-class students be given the same privilege of being able to use other sources when exams are given? It doesn’t seem fair that my students’ class averages (and hence GPA) is going to be lower than a student who chose virtual learning. Would you as a student feel this is fair?
Assessments will still need to occur. Teachers will use a variety of methods to ensure that testing is fair such as GoGuardian, turnitin.com, timing of assessments, multiple versions of an assessment, etc.

There have been many discussions on this topic. Teachers are developing plans that they will implement in their classes.

Will students have to carry winter jackets with them all day? Or will they have somewhere to put them?
Students will be required to carry their belongings with them as lockers will not be available.

My daughter is doing full virtual learning and is wondering if she will be on camera during virtual learning in her individual classes.
Students may be asked to keep their camera’s on during Google Meets to ensure that students are attending the class. Teachers may offer opportunities for students to turn their camera off or leave the Google Meet. All students should log into their scheduled classes with their camera on for attendance purposes.

What concerns are you hearing from teachers?
Teacher concerns are being addressed in the same format that this Q&A is being addressed. A variety of meetings have been conducted in order to address teacher concerns while also getting teacher input.