Program brings students a little “Extra” fun this summer  

The Summer Extras courses kicked off on July 10, bringing an additional 120 students to the Queensbury UFSD campus in the afternoons. The program’sStudents stand on a bridge mission is to provide unique and rewarding opportunities for students and to build relationships with Queensbury staff.

Students can participate in Drama Club, Life Skills 101, CAD/3-D printing, Spartan Sunny Readers and Art Club. Students can also enjoy a Geocaching Club and a sports psychology course.

This week, teacher Kim Gray took fourth and fifth grade students geocaching, Students point to a spider on a treean activity in which students use GPS and other navigational techniques to hide and find containers called “geocaches.”  

Our first find was Boris!” Gray said, referring to a big spider on a tree. “Then we came back to school and worked with all the geocaching information to prepare for our future finds. We’ve been out and about each day and a few of the parents have joined in for the fun!”