QHS announces Class of 2019 top 10

Queensbury High School has named the following seniors as the top 10 students of the Class of 2019; the students earn their spot based on their grade point average. Below, students talk about their plans for the future and how those plans were shaped by their experiences in Queensbury schools.

Bailey Gengel

Bailey plans to pursue a dual major in chemistry and exercise science in college. She says athletics have been a major part of her life during high school and a critical element in her upbringing and education. Bailey hopes to participate in internship opportunities throughout college in order to explore research-based career paths where she can apply her love of chemistry alongside her love of sports.

“My time at Queensbury has helped me to develop into a well-rounded student and a well-rounded member of society, giving me the confidence to set ambitious goals for my future. All of my experiences in varsity athletics, National Honor Society, student government, and the countless other opportunities I’ve been offered have given me the confidence needed to continue learning, growing, and challenging myself now and in whatever career path I choose.”

Sarena Hall

Sarena plans to study study psychology in college with the goal of becoming a psychologist. She hopes to earn a doctoral degree and acquire a job in a hospital where she can evaluate patients and determine the best course of treatment for them.

“I feel as if Queensbury has prepared me very well for my educational life after high school because of the IB Diploma Programme. IB was a great opportunity for me, because I was able to learn at a higher level and challenge myself through rigorous coursework. I believe that the IB Programme has made me a more dedicated and hardworking individual, which are qualities that I will carry with me throughout my professional and personal future.”

Isabelle Hanchett

Isabelle will be attending Binghamton University’s Watson School of Engineering with a goal of pursuing an engineering career that encompasses art, math and science.

“What I appreciate about Queensbury is that it offers rigorous courses in not only math and science, but also language and art. This allows for a well-rounded education and has personally provided me with the opportunity to explore all of my interests in order to clarify what I hope to pursue in the future.”

Tiffany Hotte

Tiffany plans to study music education with a concentration in orchestral studies in college. She hopes to earn a Bachelor of Music Education, a Master of Music in Violin Performance, and a Doctor of Musical Arts in Violin Performance degrees. She would love to teach high school orchestra and eventually become a violin professor.

“I am incredibly passionate about sharing my love of music with the next generation. The IB Diploma Programme at Queensbury has prepared me for a heavy workload in college, and I feel very prepared to write research papers after my extended essay in music. The music program at Queensbury has allowed me to discover my passion for music and my internship with Mrs. Verheyn has provided me with invaluable teaching experience.”

Emily Lucy

Emily would like to study linguistics and various languages alongside mathematics at either the United States Naval Academy or Binghamton University. In the future, she’d like to work for a government agency, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation or National Security Agency.

“Queensbury has given me the opportunity to travel to other countries multiple times. I visited Saga City, Japan in the Sister Cities program, and Italy for a junior/senior trip. I’ve also been able to go to Canada multiple times with French programs. These trips have given me insight into other cultures and their languages and helped me realize that in the future I want to be involved with these foreign languages, especially French.”

Chloe Metcalfe

Chloe plans to study mathematics and possibly double major in either English or communications in college. She has applied to pre-law programs as well as the Industrial Labor Relations School at Cornell in preparation for a career in law.

“My experience in Queensbury schools has provided me with numerous opportunities to grow academically and personally. I have taken advantage of the diverse IB, honors and AP classes offered to help prepare me for college. I also learned to budget my time with the various clubs and sports that I have been involved in. My participation with the Debate Club and taking part in a mock trial sparked my interest in law. My performances in various choirs, such as the Madrigals and musicals, have given me the confidence to pursue my dreams because I was constantly stretching myself out of my comfort zone.”

Kendall O’Neill

Kendall plans to pursue a degree in business or education in college and has been accepted at Siena College.

“My experience at Queensbury schools has prepared me to achieve my goals in life. The teachers are all very helpful in classes, and I have been offered plenty of guidance when choosing electives and also during the college application process.”

Kiersten Pierce

Kiersten plans to study applied mathematics in college and hopes to build a career in data science after pursuing a graduate degree in data analytics.

“Queensbury schools created an environment that encouraged me to set high goals and achieve them. The numerous activities and clubs offered have allowed me to discover my true passions and grow as an individual. The rigorous curriculum has also been very conducive to my academic success. By taking various advanced classes, I have also been able to challenge myself and prepare for life after high school. I know that the opportunities Queensbury has given me will be beneficial for anything I pursue in the future.”

Erik Swanson

Erik plans to study theoretical physics and mathematics at Harvard College, where he was accepted as an early action applicant in December. He hopes to continue on to graduate school and eventually earn a doctoral degree in theoretical physics. Erik’s ultimate career goal is to teach physics as a university professor while conducting research in his field.

“The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Queensbury High School has given me opportunities to explore certain topics in remarkable depth, allowing me to learn advanced concepts on my own through research projects in every subject. Furthermore, the school has supported me in advancing my studies in mathematics beyond the normal curriculum, enabling me to set my own pace and gain an upper hand as I enter college. These opportunities to independently explore and learn in the subjects I am most interested in have had a hugely positive effect on my preparedness for my professional goals.”

Jack Sylvia

Jack plans to study mathematics or enter the combined engineering program at St. Lawrence University, where he will also play baseball. He hopes to pursue a career as an engineer or in the field of sports analytics.

“Queensbury has offered advanced AP/IB coursework that has helped me manage time effectively while also challenging myself. Athletics at Queensbury, specifically baseball, has also made me question ingrained fallacies while making me work harder.”