QHS Hybrid Sample Schedule

Dear QHS Students and Parents:

Our district has released reopening plans for the 2020-2021 school year, and will be following CDC, DOH and NYSED guidelines for instructing students on campus.  The health and safety of all students and staff remains our number one priority!

QHS will be following a hybrid schedule in which students physically attend school every other day.  Families may also choose a full remote (virtual) learning option.  When students are not physically in school, they will be connected to their class in ‘real time’ via Chromebook.  Students and teachers will utilize Google Classroom and Google Meet to achieve this goal.

Hybrid Schedule:  Each grade level (cohort) will be divided alphabetically, so that our building will be at half capacity on any given day.  The hybrid schedule rotation will be AA, BB, CC, DD to maximize in-person instruction.  Every course will have two new lessons, back to back, with the first lesson live (in person) and the second lesson remote (virtual), via Google Meet.  See the sample schedule below:

Week 1 

Monday – A1

Tues- A2

Wed  – B1

Thurs – B2

Fri -C1

Group 1 – Block 1 A

Group 2 – Block 1A

Group `1 – Block 1B

Group 2 – Block 1B

Group 1 – Block 1C

Group 1 – Block 2 A

Group 2 – Block 2A

Group 1-  Block 2B

Group 2 – Block 2B

Group 1 – Block 2C

Group 1 – Block 3 A

Group 2 – Block 3A

Group 1 – Block 3B

Group 2 – Block 3B

Group 1 – Block 3C

Group 1 – Block 4 A

Group 2 – Block 4A

Group 1 – Block 4B

Group 2 – Block 4B

Group 1 – Block 4C


Week 2 

Monday – C2

Tues- D1

Wed – D2

Thurs – A1

Friday- A2

Group 2 – Block 1 C

Group 1 – Block 1 D

Group 2 – Block 1D 

Group 1 – Block 1A

Group 2 – Block 1A

Group 2 – Block 2 C

Group 1 – Block 2 D

Group 2 – Block 2D

Group 1 – Block 2A

Group 2 – Block 2A

Group 2 – Block 3 C

Group 1 – Block 3 D

Group 2 – Block 3D

Group 1 – Block 3A

Group 2 – Block 3A

Group 2 – Block 4 C

Group 1 – Block 4 D

Group 2 – Block 4D

Group 1 – Block 4A

Group 2 – Block 4A


For the hybrid schedule, each grade level cohort will be divided as shown:

  • Freshman Class
    • Group 1 (A-L) – 126 students
    • Group 2 (M-Z) – 119 students
  • Sophomore Class 
    • Group 1 (A-J) – 128 students
    • Group 2 (K-Z) – 132 students
  • Junior Class 
    • Group 1 (A-J) – 138 students
    • Group 2 (K-Z) – 140 students
  • Senior Class 
    • Group 1 (A-J) – 133 students
    • Group 2 (K-Z) – 136 students

All students will be expected to follow their daily schedule, both in-person and virtually via Google Meet.  Teachers will be taking daily attendance.

Virtual Schedule:  The same guidelines will be in place for students who have chosen the full remote (virtual) option.  Every lesson will be accessed by the student via Google Meet.  Students will be able to interact and ask questions utilizing the Google Meet ‘Chat’ feature.  Although hands-on activities will be limited with the full, virtual option, students will have access to demonstrations, simulations, and observations.  For lab sciences, written lab reports will still be required.  Physical Education classes will utilize PLT4M to log all physical activities.  Once extracurricular activities and interscholastic athletics are permitted to begin, students choosing the full remote (virtual) option will be allowed to participate.

BOCES – Career and Technical Education:  Students participating in these programs will follow the hybrid schedule and attend their programs in-person every other day.  Additional information regarding transportation to and from campus will be shared at a later date.

ECCA/PTECH:   Students participating in these programs will attend their programs every day.  For your information, we have provided links to BOCES and SUNY Adirondack reopening plans. View the SUNY Adirondack Reopening plan.

All students and staff will be required to wear face coverings and maintain six feet of physical distancing throughout the day.  Daily health screenings will also be required. The district is working to develop an APP that will expedite this process.

Please visit our new website frequently for updates.  Additional information will be shared as opening day approaches.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer!


Mr. Damian Switzer, QHS Principal

Mr. Daniel Hamm, QHS Assistant Principal (10, 12)

Mr. Andrew Snide, QHS Assistant Principal (9, 11)