QHS juniors pre-register to vote

Dr. Strange, Batman, Hermione Granger and Darth Vader ran for Congress at Queensbury High School this week while Captain America, Superman, Hagrid and Yoda vied for the governorship. 

“Results will be coming tomorrow,” laughed social studies teacher Kerry Rodriguez. “So far Yoda was in the lead for governor.”Teen girls pre-register to vote

Queensbury High School juniors met with two representatives from the Warren County Board of Elections Wednesday and Thursday to learn how elections work and pre-register to vote. 

The 16- and 17-year-old students who pre-registered will be considered inactive voters until they turn 18. And they won’t need to re-register when they reach the voting age. 

Kimberly Ross, the Democratic deputy commissioner, and Dustin Hall, the Republican deputy commissioner, explained to students how their office runs and what the Board of Elections does. Man stands in front of screen

“It just helps them learn the democratic process,” Rodriguez said, “and by seeing a bi-partisan team here, that’s important.”

The students learned about primaries and general elections, absentee voting, petitioning to run for office, how to read a ballot and the importance of voting.

“The students learn the importance of participating in your democracy,” Rodriguez said, “your civic duty.”