QHS names Students of the Quarter

Thirteen Queensbury High School students were honored Thursday morning at the Student of the Quarter breakfast for the second quarter of the 2022-23 school year. Students of the Quarter stand in group

“This is certainly one of our most favorite events,” said Queensbury High School Principal Andy Snide, who pointed out that students receiving the awards excel in more than just academics. “I think the main piece to this is celebrating what students are doing in the classroom that maybe sometimes goes unnoticed.”

The students are often found helping struggling classmates or putting in extra effort after school. 

Teacher and student bump fists“Feel good about yourself today,” said Superintendent Kyle Gannon. “Feel like you’ve taken it to another level and reflect and say, ‘I’m proud of myself today.’”

Gannon told the students they are being recognized as the “cream of the crop.” 

“I’m going to get a chance to hear about all of you in five years, and I can’t wait to see where you end up,” Gannon said. “It’s going to be somewhere big.”

The students honored include:

  • Julian Campopiano, grade 11, art;
  • Nathaniel Bramlage, grade 12, career and technical – business;
  • Kaitlyn Barton, grade 11, career and technical – technology;
  • Tekla Fine-Lease, grade 11, English;
  • Gabriella Hess, grade 10, foreign language – French;
  • Kendra Ballard, grade 12, foreign language – Spanish;
  • Joshua Jenkin, grade 9, health;
  • Lindsey Pepe, grade 11, math;
  • Sarah Johnson, grade 11, music;
  • Jeremiah Missita, grade 10, physical education;
  • Ethan Boecher, grade 10, science;
  • Hannah Fifield, grade 10, social studies;
  • William Ball, grade 10, global history.