QHS sophomore Jimar McMaster speaks to QMS students about living with a visual impairment

Jimar McMaster speaking to studentsQHS sophomore Jimar McMaster visited Lauren Surber’s middle school class yesterday to speak about his experience with the visual impairment he’s been living with since birth.

“His speech was incredible, relatable and shared some beautifully poignant messages that stuck not only with me, but my current 7th graders as well,” said Lauren Surber.

Jimar participates within the Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany. The Northeastern Association of the Blind at Albany, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit organization that assists individuals who are blind or visually impaired achieve independence and growth. 

“While Jimar had so many great takeaways from his speech, my favorite was his repetition of the phrase ‘Loss of sight, NOT loss of vision,’” said Surber. “It speaks to Jimar’s incredible growth mindset and his willingness to share his message that all of us, in all capacities, can truly do anything we put our minds to.”

Surber plans on having Jimar speak to more of her classes. 

Jimar McMaster standing in front of the class at QMS