QHS summer assignments now available

QHS summer 2020 assignments are listed below. If a student has any questions, they should contact their counselor. 

English | Social studies | Spanish | Science | Art | Extended essay


Grade 9


Grade 10


  1. Read part I of Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” and complete reading notes. MC and short answer test on the novel given first class.
  2. Attend a local cultural event (if possible) or attend a virtual worldwide cultural event in the humanities and write a one-page summary of your experience and the value you think it might bring to your English classroom experience.

Grade 11

IB year 1

Read the first half of Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and listen to two episodes of the 1619 podcast. Students will then complete three journal responses. Details can be found here.

Google Classroom code: wef77b3

Grade 12

SUNY English

No summer assignment, but must register for SUNY English 101 course through SUNY Adirondack.

Google Classroom code for instructions: fryjusz

IB year 2

View the IB year 2 summer work.

Social studies

Grade 9

Global 9R

No summer assignment

Grade 10

AP World

Read “History of the World in Six Glasses.” Complete a graphic organizer and essay.

Google Classroom code: pxf4lws

Grade 11

IB year 1 – history of the Americas

Grade 12

AP Government

Read “Hardball” by Chris Matthews and complete written assignment.

AP/IB microeconomics 

Read Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan and complete a written assignment.

AP micro summer assignment
Google Classroom code: pkj3sg4

IB econ summer assignment
Google Classroom code: znqkmv7

IB year 2 – history of the Americas/20th century

Watch one historically-based movie (from the list below) and address the OPCVL of the film. The films deal with civil rights.

  • The Butler
  • The Green Book
  • Cry Freedom
  • Selma
  • Malcolm X
  • We Shall Overcome
  • Eyes on the Prize
  • Good Morning Vietnam
  • Mandela
  • Thirteen Days
  • Winnie Mandela
  • Harriett

Google Classroom code: rgven5l


Grade 11

Ab initio (year 1)

Look over these general resources to be prepared for Spanish 2/Ab initio.

Level 1 review materials

Grade 12


Find 2 articles on an environmental issue and write a 150-word summary, comparing and contrasting the problems with the US.

Spanish IB II/AP summer assignment

Spanish Ab intio

Environmental vocabulary work


Grade 12

IB chem (year 2)

Come prepared to do your Chemistry IA – it will be done in the fall and completed by December.

IB biology (year 2)

Complete all corrections on IA draft proposal. RQ, intro, background, materials, and methods should be complete in IA template with proper citations.


Grade 11

IB year 1

Please purchase a 9’’x12’’ sketchbook. This sketchbook will become your Visual Arts Journal, a combination of a sketchbook, journal, research document, technique practice, and critical thinking log.

Spend some time exploring Pinterest (IB Visual Arts Process Portfolio examples)

This will be used to document all your ideas for your projects for IB Art. This should never be too far from your side. It will also be used for your Process Portfolio (PP), one of 3 major assessment criterion. 

Grade 12

Comparative study research assignment:

Identify an artist or art works that are of interest to you.

Gather information about the artist, the cultural context in which the work was made, and the artists’ intentions or purpose in making the work. Take notes from the exhibitions, texts, or any other written material you find.

Do visual note taking: sketches, photos, documentation of the work

All of the above should be recorded in the visual arts journal and documented thoroughly.

Extended essay (IB diploma students only)

Grade 12

All IB Diploma students will need to do a substantial amount of work revising their Extended Essay over the summer. The final version of the essay will be due by the end of November.