Queensbury High School names the top 10 students of the Class of 2024

Queensbury High School honored its top 10 students of the Class of 2024 during a breakfast on Friday, Oct. 13.  Principal Andy Snide lauded the students not only for their academic achievements, but also for the work they do outside of the classroom participating in athletics, clubs and extracurricular activities. Top 10 students stand in front of Queensbury High School

“That’s a lot to balance, and to see your grades, they are spectacular,” said Snide, who told the high achievers that they are “good examples to all students.”

The top 10 students are: Ethan Moger, Alexander Coombes, Lindsey Pepe, Johanna Troelstra, Jake Afsar-Keshmiri, Shiv Patel, Molly Rodewald, Kaitlyn Barton, Emma Sullivan and Ryan Allen. 

Superintendent of Schools Kyle Gannon told the students not to stress as they await their college acceptance letters. 

Top 10 students and administrators stand outside high school“I can guarantee you will all have successful lives, big jobs, do great work, because you’re the top 10, you’re the cream of the crop in a large high school,” Gannon said. “I know you’re worried about what’s going to happen and which college, but it doesn’t matter. You are going to do big things.”

Gannon reminded the scholars that they will always have the Queensbury community supporting them as they run companies, tackle climate issues and effect change. 

“You may be bigger than Queensbury someday, but always know your home is here,” Gannon said. “You can always come back, and please do.”