QHS Virtual Open House & Freshman Parent Night set for 9/23

Welcome to Queensbury High School’s Virtual Open House! We thank you for joining us virtually and hope that you enjoy the time spent with your child’s teachers. Please use the schedule below while also following your child’s schedule. You will follow your child’s schedule and log into the virtual classroom at the times listed below. For example, if your child has English 9 first block on A day with Mrs. Bundy, you will click on Kerri Bundy at 6:20pm – 6:29pm. Please repeat this process following the schedule below as it relates to your child’s schedule.

All teacher virtual classrooms are linked to their names. When joining your child’s class, simply click on the teacher’s name and you will enter into a live virtual meet with the teacher. This may take a few seconds to enter their classroom.

Physical Education – When your child has a Study Hall or a Science Lab on the opposite day as Physical Education, please make sure to log into the Physical Education Google Meets. This is especially important for those students who have PE on C or D days.

Thank you and have a great night!

The Freshman Parent Night will begin at 5:45 pm. Please click the link below to attend.

Freshman Parent Night 5:45 – 6:15

A Day

B Day

Block 1 – 6:20 – 6:29

Block 1 – 7:10 – 7:19

Block 2 – 6:30 – 6:39

Block 2 – 7:20 – 7:29

Block 3 – 6:40 – 6:49

Block 3 – 7:30 – 7:39

Block 4 – 6:50 – 6:59

Block 4 – 7:40 – 7:49

Break 6:59 – 7:10

Open House Links




Social Studies

Cassaundra Britt

Karen Bentley

Ryan Aleva

Michael Anderson

Varsity Swim Meet

Kerri Bundy

Robert Burke

Sarah Barsukoff

John Andrejkovics

Austin Cowper

Timothy Ciampa

Marnie DeJohn

IB Parent Meeting

Maureen Bailey

Beth Dennett

Jane Hicks

Jessica Donnelly

Marc Biddiscombe

Patrick Gormley

Thomas Horrigan

Roger Fedele

Joel Brown

Sidney Relyea

Stephen McWhorter

Lisa Fort

Michael Burns

Stephanie Mattia

Cheryl Pagano

Shannon Gilroy

Monica Coccia

Adam Orr

Rachel Sung

James Hubert

Chris Estremera

Cynthia Pepper

Kayla Tatko

Crystal Johnson

Etta Kroner

Lucyna Prostko

Nella Vetter

Donald Lipa

Kerry Rodriguez

Jason Tenner

Emily Metzger

Andrew Terry

Justin Lansley

Mary Kate Povak

Patrick Smith

Chadwick Wiekierak

Foreign Language





Meghan Chance

Kelly Montanye

James Cirillo

Amanda Bengle

Stephen Collins

Nicholas Giumarra

Matthew Gaulin

Jennifer Brewer

Victoria Fenichel

Benjamin Grieco

Gregory Verheyn

Elyssa Carson

Leah Grady

Sarah Hogan-Gauci

Jacqueline Foster

Susan Sanchez

John Potter

Heather Palmer

John Tether

Sally Vartuli

Physical Education

(Link to all PE Classes)

Student Support Services


School Psychologists

Matthew Crossman

Karen Bauer

Tim Diamond

Sarah Goetze

Diana Karandy

Elizabeth Daley

Trisha Dunn

Nina Russo

John Martin

Robert Dean

Dawn Neyhart

Kathleen McDermott

Timothy Jones

Colleen Sprague


Stephen Karandy

Kevin Sullivan

Damian Switzer – Principal

Jennifer Merkosky

Andrew Snide – AP Grades 10 & 12


Jody Nolan


Dan Hamm – AP Grades 9 & 11

Douglas Fraser

John Favata

Lance LeGrys

Robert Jones

Alexandra Townes