QMS celebrates World Kindness Day with Tay ‘Firefly’ Fisher

A photo of four QMS students and motivational speaker Tay Fisher.
Fisher and four QMS students pose after a demonstration at Friday’s World Kindness Day assembly.

On Friday, Nov. 12 QMS students celebrated World Kindness Day with basketball player and motivational speaker Tay Fisher (“Firefly”) in the RFI  Gymnasium to learn about anti-bullying and empathy.

Students participated in Fisher’s T.A.Y Anti-Bullying Prevention Program, an interactive program that teaches kids how to prevent bullying from happening by using the T-A-Y model — Talk, Ask Questions and You. His program encourages students to be kind and respectful to one another, both in and out of school. 

A photo of four students forming the word "T-A-Y" with their bodies
QMS students spell out “T-A-Y” to illustrate Fisher’s T-A-Y program.

Students volunteered to take part in the interactive program in front of their peers, working together and even having the opportunity to shoot some hoops with Fisher. Students were engaged and excited with Fisher’s program. 

“The program brought fantastic energy and a powerful message about anti-bullying to all of our students. [Tay] had a profound impact on our students today and I am hopeful that the lessons on empathy and kindness will resonate for weeks to come,” said Director of SEL and School Development Raychel Marcil. 

Fisher is a 2004 graduate of Kingston High School and went on to win a MACC Conference championship during his time playing basketball at Siena College. Fisher went on to join the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters, where he played for 10 years. He now is a motivational speaker and coach, teaching K-12 students how to prevent bullying in a positive environment.

A group photo of QMS students in the gym for the inspirational speaker Tay on World Kindness Day


Visit Fisher’s site to learn more about his program.