2021 Capital Project Update: Queensbury Elementary School roof construction underway

While school is out for the summer, Queensbury UFSD’s 2021 capital project is moving right along. The elementary school’s component of the $19.75 million capital project is on schedule for completion, and so far the crew has replaced insulation, rivets, and the majority of the vinyl roof material spanning a partial area of the Queensbury Elementary School’s roof. 

“Major renovations were needed,” said the construction manager on site, “once we started stripping layers off the roof, it became clear we needed to go all the way to the base roof layer, as the original 1997 insulation was crumbling and moisture was decaying important structural components.” 

This photo shows a portion of the QES roof that has been replaced with new insulation and materials.
Construction workers prepare a new layer of the QES roof with rivets that hold the vinyl layer down yet allow for movement from moisture and wind.