QES Counseling Center

The elementary school counselors are available to address the personal, social, emotional and academic needs of all students in grades K-3. The counselors work closely with the administration, staff and parents to help our students feel confident, responsible and productive. They counsel, consult and collaborate with families providing strategies to improve academic or behavioral achievement. Prevention and crisis intervention are the goals of the elementary school counseling program.

Classroom guidance

The school counselors push into classes and teach courses to all students about character education. Class discussions and activities pertain to traits such as manners, respect, responsibility and cooperation.

Individual and group counseling programs

New student orientation

The new student orientation program welcomes new families who have moved into our school district. The orientation takes place the week before the start of school. Parents and their children are invited to come into the school for a tour, see their classroom and meet some of the staff and the administration.

Note: The orientation may take place remotely given the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Newcomers lunch program

The newcomers lunch program begins in September and lasts for 4-6 weeks. The school counselor meets with the new students for lunch once a week to play games or activities to help the students feel accepted and comfortable in their new school.

Banana Splits

Banana Splits is a support program for children who have experienced changes in their family structure because of death, divorce/separation or remarriage of parents. Family permission is necessary to participate in the group, which meets every other week during the school day, according to grade level.