Queensbury High School College & Career Readiness Day

High school is a time in a student’s educational career where they are learning who they are, what they want to do, and how they can help benefit their community. Queensbury High School prioritizes giving students every opportunity to explore future pathways. 

“We ensure that every student understands their options and that they can choose a path that is right for them,” says QHS Assistant Principal Amanda Denno. 

The district’s efforts include offering free PSAT testing, free college visits to local colleges with free transportation and supervision, support for involvement in BOCES Career and Technical Education programs, and holding seminars that help explain resume building and how to have successful interviews for seniors who are navigating applying for college and jobs.

These are just a few of the ways that Queensbury High School counselors uplift their students to find success in their talents, passions, and interests. 

“Our counseling staff starts planning almost a year in advance,” said Denno warmly, “it is such an important part of our student’s journey to help them find opportunities that support their long term goals.” 

This year, Wednesday, 10/12, was the culmination of the counselor’s hard work–Career and College Readiness Day. 9th graders broke off into groups to visit nearby colleges, including SUNY Adirondack, Hudson Valley Community College, Siena College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SUNY Polytech, and the College of St. Rose.  “About 50 students will be able to see each site,” said Trisha Dunn, a Queensbury High School counselor. 

Students visiting Siena College
Students exploring SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s STEM Center
The Dean of Students at SUNY Polytechnic Institute presents to Queensbury students
QBY Students visit the College of St. Rose

Meanwhile, Seniors get the opportunity to take a free SAT, and Sophomores and Juniors take a free PSAT.  

“Allowing equitable opportunity for students to take these tests for free is important because the tests aren’t just for college entry. We also use them to help students build a free College Board account, which breaks down their scores in a way that helps them in preparation programs, and their results can help nudge them in the direction of more difficult classes,” said Dunn. 

Queensbury High School ensures there are a wide variety of opportunities and pathways that cater to every student, regardless of where their interests lie, whether it be in construction management, biology, art, robotics or engineering, music, or if they are still trying to figure things out. 

Queensbury Union Free School District empowers students to be lifelong learners, inspired to pursue their dreams and contribute to the global community.