Queensbury High School names 13 Students of the Quarter

Thirteen Queensbury High School students were named Student of the Quarter for the third quarter during a breakfast Thursday morning in the cafeteria. Teen student stands between two teachers

These students were chosen out of about 1,000 students at the high school. 

“This is not necessarily always the student who has the top grades in the class, but it’s really that student that does all of those extra things,” said Principal Andy Snide. “It’s the leadership qualities, helping out someone in class, maybe just that nice nature of a student that lifts the entire culture and climate of the classroom just because of their personality.”

Teacher speaks to teen studentAssistant Superintendent for Instruction Denise Troelstra thanked the administration, students, their families and the talented faculty. 

“We’re really, really fortunate, because it all starts with relationships and building those through the world of academics, but also getting to know students and finding out their interests,” Troelstra said. “There’s a reason why your student is here today and being celebrated.”

Students of the Quarter include: 

  • Nathanial Rodriguez, grade 12, art;
  • Maxwell Coccia, grade 10, Career & Technical – business;
  • Daniel Dixon, grade 12, Career & Technical – technology;
  • Jaonie Quema, grade 10, English;
  • Elliana Cruikshank, grade 11, French;
  • Holly Pizzigati, grade 11, Spanish;
  • Nathan Sheerer, grade 9, health;
  • Ethan Boecher, grade 10, math;
  • Soric Lawani, grade 11, music;
  • Gaetano Altare, grade 12, physical education;
  • Lindsey Pepe, grade 11, science;
  • Anthony Spero, grade 11, social studies; and
  • Kaden LaFountain, grade 11, social studies. 

Teen students stand in group with awards