QMS Clubs and Activities

By joining clubs and activities, students begin to feel a greater connection to the school community. Involvement in these activities has a direct impact on the academic achievement of participants.

These types of activities provide avenues for students to connect with their peers and faculty members to create positive social networks. These activities tap into student interests, encourage peer interactions, promote cooperation, build student-adult relationships, provide structure and challenge, and connect students to school.

Students and parents can contact their team counselor to learn more.

Activity bus runs are available at 3:45 and 4:45 p.m.

Clubs and activities

Art Club

Advisor: Mrs. VanVranken

Beautification Committee

Advisor: Mrs. VanVranken

Battle of the Books (6th Grade)

Advisors: Mrs. Adamczyk

Best Buddies

Advisors: Mrs. Breheny, Mrs. Trimarchi and Mrs. Goodsell

Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Advisor: Mrs. Sullivan

Bowling Club

Advisor: Mrs. Vaughn

Chamber Ensemble

Location: QMS Band Room
Advisors: Mrs. Cirillo

Chamber Orchestra

Location: QHS Orchestra Room
Advisor: Mr. Verheyn

Cooking Club

Advisor: Mrs. Stevens

Creation Club

Location: Creation Lab
Advisor: Mr. Carey

Drama Club

Day: Every Tuesday and Thursday (cast), Every Wednesday (crew), 3 full weeks in February and March
Advisor(s): Mrs. Mosher, Mrs. Stevens

Fiddle Club

Day: Thursday after school (full ensemble), small groups TBD
Location: Orchestra Room (126)
Advisor(s): Mrs. Verheyn

Global Community Advisors 

Location: Room 153
Advisor(s): Mrs. Dubrule and Mrs. Duell

Grade Level Advisors

Advisor(s): Mrs. Mosher and Mrs. Duell

Help Desk

Day: Every morning
Location: Help desk 
Advisor(s): Mr. Carey

Marching Band

Advisor: Mrs. Cirillo

Mountain Bike Club

Day: TBD starting in May
Location: Outside 6th grade wing
Advisor(s): Mr. Seelye and Mr. Hicks


Advisor: Mrs. DeCaprio and Mrs. VanVranken


Advisor: Ms. McGill


Location: Room 135
Advisor(s): Ms. Carnevalla

Robotics Club

Location: Room 139
Advisor(s): Ms. Cross, Mr. Brown and Mr. DiCaprio

Select Show Choir

Location: Room 125
Advisor(s): Mrs. DeLand

Yearbook Club

Location: Room 114 
Advisor(s): Mrs. Mosher

World Languages Club

Day: Tuesday and Thursdays, March 15 through April 17
Location: Rooms 116, 117, 118, 119 
Advisor(s): Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Totaro