Queensbury UFSD has Unity Day to promote anti-bullying efforts

On Wednesday, October 19, Queensbury Union Free School District rallied together to fight against bullying with Unity Day.

The mission of Unity Day is: Together against bullying. United for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

At the elementary school, students wore orange. “By joining together and wearing orange on Unity Day, we can send the unified message that we care about students’ physical and emotional health and that bullying is not okay!” said Jessica Rossetti, QES Principal.

Elementary School children walk the halls in their orange garb

At the middle school, QMS Student Ambassadors and middle school NCBI members put together a Guideroom and lunch activity in recognition of Unity Day.  Middle school students watched a moving video that demonstrated and embodied the essence of Unity Day during Guideroom.  Students were provided with orange paper ribbon pins with “UNITY” written on one side and “the end of bullying starts with me”  on the other side.  Students were encouraged to wear the ribbons or pin them to their bag to stand unified against bullying.  Students also had the opportunity to sign a Unity banner in lunch, signifying a pledge against bullying, as shown below. 

Two QMS students show off their banner that has been filled in with pledges from the first lunch period
QMS Students pledge Unity for anti-bullying

Students show how they are using the color orange on Unity Day to promote anti-bullying


The William H. Barton Intermediate school held a week-long anti-bullying event, where each day students wore something different in order to fight against bullying. 

Monday was “Being bully-free is no sweat!” for which students wore sweatpants.
Tuesday was “Show your true colors!” for which students wore blue and gold.
Wednesday was “Stomp out bullying!” for which students wore boots or crazy socks.
Thursday was “Put a cap on bullying!” for which students wore a hat. 
Friday was “WHBI Spartans are jean-iuses about being bully-free”, for which students wore jeans. 

Part of the mission of Queensbury UFSD is to empower students to be lifelong learners, and this cannot be done without ensuring that bullying does not have a place at QUFSD. 

Thanks for partnering with us this week for our anti-bullying efforts!