Queensbury’s high school and middle school honored with Promising Practice Awards

Queensbury High School and Queensbury Middle School received Promising Practice Awards Thursday, June 1 from Character.org, a national advocate and leader for character in schools and communities.

Character.org certified 177 Promising Practices in schools and organizations on June 1. Only nine schools in New York State were chosen. Award certificate

“We are extremely proud to recognize the schools and organizations that have developed and implemented a Promising Practice,” said Dr. Arthur Schwartz, president of Character.org. “Each of these programs and initiatives has demonstrated significant impact and strongly aligns with the principles that help schools and organizations cultivate a culture of character.”

Queensbury High School was recognized for its use of Good News postcards, which are sent home to parents. These postcards foster a sense of belonging and connection. 

“The goal was to have something simple and not time consuming for the teachers to fill out — something families would enjoy getting and possibly hang on the fridge — to send good news home no matter how big or small,” said QHS Assistant Principal Amanda Denno. “The plan was rolled out at the beginning of the year staff meeting, where we focused on forming relationships with students and welcoming them back into school.”

Award certificate
The cards are a simple step for staff members to send home a handwritten note to tell the family they appreciate that student.

“Having intentional, whole school, positive communication practices has really opened the gap from home to school in the older grade levels,” Denno said. “There are students who don’t play sports or take high level classes or participate in band and orchestra but undoubtedly play a huge role in our day-to-day lives in our high school. It has shown students in a large high school that they matter and they’re noticed for all that they bring to school each day.”  

To date, the high school has sent out more than 300 postcards. 

Group of middle school students
Queensbury Middle School received a Promising Practice award recognizing the QMS Ambassadors program, which fosters students’ self-motivation. 

“Students are nominated to become part of the QMS Ambassadors based on their consistent commitment to Spartan PRIDE — Preparation, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Engagement,” said QMS Assistant Principal Sarah Grant. “This group of student leaders organizes events to bring students and families together on campus and to give back to the community.”

Character.org will honor each 2023 Promising Practice recipient at its 30th anniversary National Forum LIVE in Washington D.C. on Nov. 6-7, 2023.