QUFSD Pandemic Operations Plan


This plan has been developed in accordance with the amended New York State Labor Law Section 27-c pursuant to the procedures set forth in Education Law Section 2801-a. 

In developing this plan, the District gathered input from the Queensbury Administrators and Supervisors Association, Queensbury Faculty Association, Queensbury Educational Support Staff Association, Queensbury Nurses Association, Queensbury Buildings and Grounds Association – Unit 913 of CSEA, Queensbury School Supervisors of Custodial and Maintenance Personnel Association, Queensbury Transportation Association, Queensbury OT/PT Association and The Southern Adirondack Substitute Teachers’ Alliance. 

No content of this plan is intended to impede, infringe, diminish, or impair the rights of us or our valued employees under any law, rule, regulation, or collectively negotiated agreement, or the rights and benefits which accrue to employees through collective bargaining agreements, or otherwise diminish the integrity of the existing collective bargaining relationship. 

The District reserves the right to modify the plan as necessary, with notification to the respective collective bargaining unions. 

Table of Contents 

Purpose, Scope, and Concept of Operations 


This plan has been developed in accordance with the amended New York State Labor Law section 27-c and New York State Education Law paragraphs k and l of subdivision 2 of section 2801-a (as amended by section 1 of part B of chapter 56 of the laws of 2016), as applicable. These laws were amended by the passing of legislation S8617B/A10832 signed by the Governor of New York State on September 7, 2020, requiring public employers to adopt a plan for operations in the event of a declared public health emergency involving a communicable disease. The plan includes the identification of essential positions, facilitation of remote work for non-essential positions, provision of personal protective equipment, and protocols for supporting contact tracing. 


This plan was developed exclusively for and is applicable to the Queensbury Union Free School District (hereinafter called “District”). This plan is pertinent to a declared public health emergency in the State of New York which may impact our operations; and it is in the interest of the safety of our employees and contractors, and the continuity of our operations that we have promulgated this plan. The scope of this plan is based on a Federal, State, or local public health department mandated shutdown of District buildings, grounds, and facilities. 

Concept of Operations 

The Superintendent of Schools of the Queensbury Union Free School District, their designee, or their successor holds the authority to execute and direct the implementation of this plan. Implementation, monitoring of operations, and adjustments to plan implementation may be supported by additional personnel, at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools. 

Upon the Board of Education’s approval of this plan, it will be posted in conspicuous locations in District buildings and will be available electronically via the District’s website. 

The Superintendent, their designee, or their successor will maintain awareness of information, direction, and guidance from public health officials and the Governor’s office, directing the implementation of changes as necessary. 

Upon resolution of the public health emergency, the Superintendent, their designee, or their successor will direct the resumption of normal operations or operations with modifications as necessary. 

Mission Essential Functions 

When confronting events that disrupt normal operations, the District is committed to ensuring that essential functions will be continued even under the most challenging circumstances. A position or function being determined essential within this plan does not indicate that they will need to be fully on-site, but instead indicates that there may be scenarios where their positions/duties require that they be on-site. 

Essential functions are those functions that enable an organization to: 

  1. Maintain the safety of our school community 
  2. Provide vital services 
  3. Provide services required by law 
  4. Sustain quality operations 
  5. Uphold the mission and core values of the District 

The District has identified as critical only those priority functions that are required or are necessary to provide vital services. During activation of this plan, all other activities may be suspended to enable the organization to concentrate on providing the critical functions and building the internal capabilities necessary to increase and eventually restore operations. Appropriate communications with students/families, employees, contractors, and other stakeholders will be an ongoing priority. 

Essential functions are prioritized according to: 

  • The time criticality of each essential function 
  • Interdependency of a one function to others 
  • The recovery sequence of essential functions and their vital processes 

The mission essential functions for the District have been identified as: 

Continuity of Instruction: In an effort to maintain quality instruction for all students, the District developed the QUFSD Continuity of Education Plan. This plan identifies the goals for instruction during a long term closure including, but not limited to, clarifying roles and responsibilities of instructional staff; identifying virtual instructional models by building and the main instructional platform for all students and teachers to learn; establishing temporary grading procedures designed to preserve the integrity of the academic growth our students; offering best practices in communication to ensure students are well and able to access curricular materials and a process for reporting technical difficulties to the Technology Department; tiers of intervention by building to use for disengaged students; and social and emotional resources. 

District Office Operations: Oversight and management of the functions performed by employees in the District Office to ensure the continuation of regular business operations, human resource management operations, and instructional services and related operations. 

Communications: Communication is an essential activity that serves to create and build upon trust in the school community through on-going, thoughtful, and transparent communications. 

Health Services: Under the direction of the District’s appointed school physician at Hudson Headwaters Health Network and in consultation with Warren County Public Health, school nurses are responsible for assessing ill staff and sending ill staff home for follow up with a healthcare provider. They also provide assistance with contact tracing as necessary. 

Technology: The Technology department provides and supports all hardware, software, and related training and/or technical support, along with maintaining the District’s network and phone systems. This department is also responsible for the collection and compilation of student data as required by and submitted to the NYS Education Department. 

School Building Main Office Operations: Under the direction of building administrators these offices are responsible for the oversight of mail and deliveries, sign-in procedures, answering phones, and assisting with building utilization and general operations. 

Facilities (Buildings and Grounds): The Facilities department ensures that District buildings and grounds are properly maintained, regularly cleaned, and disinfected as necessary to ensure the safety of all essential employees. In addition, this department assists with capital projects, oversees safety and security campus-wide, and energy management. 

Transportation: The Transportation department ensures that bus drivers and monitors are properly trained, buses are maintained, and meals are delivered to students. 

Food Service: The Food Service department ensures that healthy meals are prepared and accessible to all students. 

Essential Positions During a Governor Mandated and/or Public Health Mandated Campus Closure

Each essential function identified above requires certain positions on-site to effectively operate. The list below identifies the positions or titles that are essential to be staffed on-site for the continued operation of each essential function. Note that while some functions and associated personnel may be essential, some of these can be conducted remotely and do not need to be identified in this section. 

Superintendent of Schools: Responsible for the implementation of the school board’s vision by making day-to-day decisions about educational programs, budget/spending, staff, and facilities. 

Assistant Superintendent for Business: Responsible for assisting the Superintendent in the administration of the business affairs of the District in such a way to provide the best educational services with the financial resources available. 

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction: Responsible for assisting the Superintendent in the administration of the educational programing, professional development, and the development of goals to foster school improvement objectives. 

Pandemic Administrator (e.g. COVID-19 Administrator): Responsible for ensuring continuous compliance with all aspects of the school’s reopening plan, as well as any phased-in reopening activities necessary to allow for operational issues to be resolved before activities return to normal or “new normal” levels. 

Communications Employee (contracted through Capital Region BOCES):  Responsible for developing and implementing a communication plan, defining who needs to be aware of and informed about the plan, how and when information will be distributed, and who will be responsible for the distribution. 

Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Recruitment: Responsible as a member of the Superintendent’s cabinet to provide leadership, management and coordination for all personnel programs including planning, recruitment, selection, training, evaluation and employee relations. This position also acts as a legal resource and liaison to the Warren County Civil Service Department. 

Principal: Responsible for driving and supporting academic success of all students, cultivating a safe school climate that is aligned with core values, and cultivating leadership in others to achieve the District’s mission. Conducts observations and evaluations of faculty and staff. 

Assistant Principal: Responsible for assisting the Principal in the administration of the educational programing, supporting student success and the development of faculty and staff. Conducts observations and evaluations of faculty and staff. Ensures employees/students/visitors adhere to building/District safety protocols. 

Director of Student Support Services: Responsible for supervising the District’s K-12 Special Education programs and services, oversees the CPSE/CSE process and the implementation of Individuals Education Plans (IEPs), and supervises related school personnel to ensure objectives of programs are achieved within budget. Conducts observations and evaluations of faculty and staff. 

Assistant Director of Student Support Services: Responsible for assisting the Director of Student Support Services in supervising the District’s K-12 Special Education programs and services, overseeing CPSE/CSE process and the implementation of IEPs. Conducts observations and evaluations of faculty and staff. 

Director of Physical Education, Health, and Athletics: Responsible for the development, implementation, coordination and integration of the District’s Health Curriculum (K-12), Physical Education Curriculum (K-12), Interscholastic Athletics program (7-12), and Intramurals program (K-12). Conducts observations and evaluations of faculty and staff. 

Director of Instructional Technology: Responsible for providing leadership for the overall planning, development, and implementation of technology for the District in an effort to promote the educational development of all students. Oversees Technology staff and serves as the District’s Chief Information Officer. 

Lead School Nurse: Assists Pandemic Administrator in communicating with the local public health department for pandemic guidance and contract tracing purposes. Liaison to school physician. Responsible for assessing ill students and staff and sending those individuals home for follow up with a healthcare provider. 

School Nurse: Responsible for assessing ill students and staff and sending those individuals home for follow up with a healthcare provider. Assists with contact tracing as necessary. 

Data Network and Communications Specialist: Responsible for overseeing the local area network and/or wide area network installations and the subsequent ongoing maintenance and support of such networks for the District. Oversees District internet access, phone system, and cell phone plan. 

Data Specialist: Responsible for the collection of student-related data and production of reports. Tracks and compiles data using NYS guidelines, adheres to deadlines for data warehouse, and performs database maintenance and support of student information system, finance system, school lunch system, and the health management system. Uploads all pandemic related data required by the state. Provides training and support for end users in supported District systems. 

IT Support Technician: Responsible for providing and supporting computer hardware and software issued to District students and staff. Responds to helpdesk and techhelp trouble tickets and assists with the installation and maintenance of network equipment. 

Coordinator of Buildings and Grounds: Responsible for overseeing and providing administrative direction to the buildings and grounds staff, including but not limited to developing policies and procedures, making staffing recommendations, conducting performance appraisals, and providing training and professional development to staff. Develops procedures for quality assurance in the areas of cleaning/disinfecting, preventative maintenance, and upkeep of school buildings and grounds. 

Coordinator of Capital Projects and Safety Compliance: Responsible for the oversight and the coordination of capital projects. Serves as safety and security coordinator for the District to create and maintain a safe working environment (e.g. oversight of code compliance/inspections, oversight of preventative maintenance, procuring and distributing adequate supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)). Oversees the District’s energy management. 

Supervising Custodian/Head Custodian: Responsible for supervision of cleaning and disinfecting of buildings, along with oversight of the custodial functions in their assigned building(s). Assists with the hiring and training of cleaners and custodians. 

Custodian: Responsible for routine cleaning and semi-skilled maintenance tasks. Including the assignment of custodial night and/or weekend leader as applicable and necessary. 

Cleaner: Responsible for routine cleaning and disinfecting of the buildings on campus. Including the assignment of night shift leader as applicable and necessary. 

Maintenance Worker: Responsible for performing a variety of maintenance duties in trade areas such as electrical, HVAC, carpentry, plumbing, and painting. Including the assignment of maintenance leader as applicable and necessary. 

Senior Groundskeeper: Responsible for supervising the work of groundskeepers and participation in tasks required to properly develop, manage, and maintain all aspects of campus grounds. 

Groundskeeper: Responsible for performing a wide variety of tasks related to the maintenance and/or landscaping of general campus grounds, roadways & parking lots, and athletic fields. 

Director of Transportation: Responsible for the safety and efficient operation and maintenance of the transportation department. Coordinates with the Director of Food Services on the meal deliveries and works with instructional administrators on snack pack deliveries. 

Bus Driver Trainer/Supervisor: Responsible for training and supervision of bus drivers. Assisting with routing/scheduling of drivers. 

Bus Driver: Responsible for the operation of a school bus or suburban on an assigned route to transport students. During a pandemic, responsible for transporting meals and snack pack items to students. 

Bus Driver Aide (up to 5): Responsible for riding on a school bus to assist the bus driver in maintaining order, safeguarding students, and supervising the loading and unloading of buses. During a pandemic, responsible for assisting with the transportation of meals and other items to students. 

Bus Dispatcher (1): Responsible for the dispatching of drivers and school buses on assigned routes, operates radio communication and responds to telephone inquiries, assists with planning of bus routes and the scheduling of trips and extra assignments. 

Head Bus Mechanic: Responsible for the supervision of bus mechanics and oversees NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections. 

Bus Mechanic: Responsible for servicing buses and preparing for DOT inspections. Director of Food Service (contract employee): Responsible for overseeing the preparation of meals. 

Business Office Controller/Business Office Supervisor: Responsible for overseeing business management activities related to the financial and operational activities of the District, including accounting, payroll, purchasing, budgeting and reporting. Directly supervises business office employees. 

District Treasurer: Responsible for maintaining the official financial accounts and records of the District, performs general bookkeeping and accounting duties, prepares monthly Treasurer reports for the Board of Education, performs banking and cash management functions, and works with the auditors. 

Payroll Clerk: Responsible for processing payroll and maintaining related payroll records, overseeing leave accounting, maintaining records for workers compensation, unemployment, and disability claims, assisting with reporting, and preparing W2 forms annually. 

Purchasing/Payroll Clerk: Responsible for assisting with department-level purchasing, inventory control, and payroll preparation. Researches products for purchase by maintaining vendor lists, requests quotes, tracking and reconciling purchases. 

Accounting Technician: Responsible for maintaining and reconciling accounting records and preparing reports as well as billing of uncollected accounts. 

Human Resources Generalist: Responsible for coordinating a variety of personnel information and assisting with the implementation of employee benefits programs assist with recruiting and coordination of Board action, liaison to Civil Service on appointments, provides onboarding for non-instructional employees, administers FMLA, COBRA, and other state/federal leave benefits, and manages the District’s HRIS database and personnel files. 

Secretary to the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction: Responsible for providing secretarial support to the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent for Business and others as directed. Responsible for generating Board of Education agendas, maintains Board intranet, and serves as a liaison to the Board of Education. Tracks and monitors teacher and administrator certifications and tenure dates. 

Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for Business: Responsible for providing secretarial support to the Assistant Superintendent for Business and others as directed. Assists with oversight of the Business Office day to day operations, election/budget vote coordination, conducts student registration, tracking of homeless students and free and reduced lunch information. 

School Secretary (2 High School, 1 Middle School, 1 WHBIS, 1 Elementary School, 2 Special Ed, 1 Facilities): Responsible for answering phones, responding to emails, greeting visitors, scheduling meetings, ensuring building sign-in procedures, accepting deliveries, disseminating mail. Assists with purchase order process and performs other routine office procedures and protocols. 

School Resource Officer (contracted through Warren County Sheriff): Responsible for maintaining campus safety, stopping/deterring any threat that may occur. Weekend/night coverage. 

Food Service Worker (contract employees): Responsible for making meals for distribution to students. 

Other Employees of Vendors: Other employees of vendors who are deemed essential due to the nature of the work required and/or mandated. 

Reducing Risk Through Remote Work and Staggered Shifts 

Through assigning certain staff to work remotely and by staggering work shifts, we can decrease crowding and density at work sites and on public transportation. 

Remote Work Protocols

Non-essential employees and contractors able to accomplish their functions remotely will be enabled to do so to the greatest extent possible. Working remotely requires: 

  1. Identification of staff who will work remotely 
  2. Approval and assignment of remote work will be made by the Superintendent or designee. 3. Equipping staff for remote work will be managed by the Director of Technology in consultation with the Assistant Superintendent for Business, and with input from supervisors and their respective non-essential employees and contractors, which may include: 
  3. Chromebook and/or Internet capable laptop 
  4. Necessary peripherals 
  5. Access to VPN and/or secure network drives 
  6. Access to software and databases necessary to perform their duties 
  7. Telephone communications 

Identification of Non-essential Positions/Titles During a Governor Mandated and/or Public Health Mandated Campus Closure

The list below identifies the positions or titles that are non-essential to be staffed remotely, as necessary, to ensure continuity of instruction for all students while maintaining compliance with federal, state and/or local regulations and/or laws. Direct supervisors, in consultation with District Office administrators, will assign and support the workflow of all non-essential personnel working remotely to ensure they will be able to accomplish their duties. 

  • Teacher 
  • School Counselor 
  • School Psychologist 
  • School Social Worker 
  • Library Media Specialist 
  • CPSE Chairperson 
  • Coach 
  • Club and Activity Advisor 
  • Athletic Trainer 
  • Mentor Coordinator 
  • IB Extended Essay Supervisor 
  • IB Diploma Program Coordinator 
  • IB CAS Coordinator 
  • Grade Level Leader 
  • Global Scholars Designated School Official 
  • Department Chair 
  • College Academy HS Internship Coordinator 
  • Chemical Hygiene Officer 
  • Lighthouse teacher 
  • Bullpen teacher 
  • QMS Detention Advisor 
  • QMS Cares After School 
  • PM School Tutors HS/ MS 
  • Head Athletic Chaperone 
  • P-Tech Coordinator 
  • Occupational Therapist (contract employee)
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant (contract employee) 
  • Physical Therapist (District employee and/or contract employee) 
  • Physical Therapy Assistant (contract employee) 
  • Technology Integration Specialist (contract employee) 
  • School Secretary 
  • Typist 
  • Teaching Assistant 
  • Teacher Aide 
  • Interpreter 
  • Library Aide 
  • School Monitor 
  • Cafeteria Monitor 
  • School Security Officer 
  • Senior Lifeguard 
  • Parking Lot Caretaker 
  • Bus Dispatcher 
  • Bus Aide/Monitor 

    Approval and Assignment of Remote Work 

    The Superintendent or designee, in consultation with the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Recruitment and other administrators and/or supervisors as needed, will review requests for remote work and corresponding work assignments to aid in the decision making process, and will render his final decision. Final decisions will be communicated to the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Recruitment and building/department administrators for dissemination to their respective staff. The Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Recruitment will notify payroll of such decisions to ensure employee time and attendance is tracked accurately. 

    Equipping Staff and Students for Remote Work/Learning 

    Through the leadership of the Director of Instructional Technology, the District has developed a Technology Pandemic Plan to support non-essential employees and students during an extended school closure. 


    Our students K-12 and instructional faculty and staff have been provided with Chromebooks as part of a 1:1 District initiative, which will provide for an easy transition to remote learning/working. Instructional support can be found on the Remote Learner Support Site, District Technology Site, and by seeking guidance and/or professional development from the District’s two Technology Integration Specialists. 

    Non-instructional staff who will work remotely will also have access to Chromebooks and/or laptops based on individual needs and as necessary for them to effectively perform their job duties remotely. In addition, the Technology department has established and communicated protocols to assist with Chromebook repairs as detailed in the Technology Pandemic Plan and provides help desk technical support for teachers and staff, along with technology help for students and parents. If the lack of internet access at a person’s residence prevents them from performing their job duties or school work, a Mifi or alternative Wifi device will be provided to that person. 


    Device peripherals such as scanners and printers would be provided to pertinent staff as necessary. This mainly applies to the business office and payroll staff members. 

    Access to VPN and/or Secure Network Drives 

    The District has transitioned the majority of staff members to Google Drive to organize and save their files. For the remaining limited number of staff requiring access to network drives, VPN access has been set up and provided via laptop devices. The VPN will allow secure access to network drives and programs like Wincap for human resources and business office needs. 

    Access to Software and Databases Necessary to Perform Duties 

    The majority of our staff uses Google’s G-Suite for Education products to perform their duties which are all web-based and can be accessed via their District provided Chromebook device. Additional web-based software such as our student information system (SchoolTool) and special education software (IEP Direct) allows for remote access by any staff member. The District also subscribes to a web-based program called Classlink which contains a portal to access approved instructional applications – This program is accessible to staff through their District provided devices. Other software or databases that are required can be set up and accessed through the secure VPN. 

    Telephone Communication 

    District administrators and other identified personnel have been issued District cell phones. In addition, District phones are able to be accessed remotely, can be call-forwarded, and voicemails are able to be sent directly to linked staff emails. 

    Staggered Shifts 

    Implementing staggered shifts may be possible for personnel performing duties which are necessary to be performed on-site but perhaps less sensitive to being accomplished only within core business hours. As possible, management will identify opportunities for staff to work outside core business hours as a strategy of limiting exposure. Regardless of changes in start and end times of shifts, the District will ensure that employees are provided with their typical or contracted minimum work hours per week. Staggering shifts requires: 

    1. Identification of positions for which work hours will be staggered 
    2. Approval and assignment of changed work hours 

    Identification of Positions with Staggered Work Hours and Approval Process 

    District buildings and grounds staff may be assigned to staggered shifts to ensure adequate coverage before, during, and after core District hours. In addition, there may be two or more shifts assigned to the bus mechanics to ensure proper coverage and meet the demands of Department of Transportation inspections. Other employees in essential positions may be assigned to work different shifts as necessary to ensure job duties and responsibilities are able to be fulfilled safely and/or to meet business needs. 

    The approval and assignment of changed work hours must be reviewed by the Assistant Superintendent for Business or designee. Factors such as staffing levels, the ability to provide for adequate physical distancing, and ways to improve efficiency and/or effectiveness will be considered in the decision making process . 

    Personal Protective Equipment 

    The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce the spread of infectious disease is important to supporting the health and safety of our students, employees, and contractors. PPE which may be needed can include: 

    • Masks 
    • Face shields 
    • Gloves 
    • Disposable gowns and aprons 

    Note that while cleaning supplies are not PPE, there is a related need for cleaning supplies used to sanitize surfaces, as well as hand soap and hand sanitizer. The Coronavirus pandemic demonstrated that supply chains were not able to keep up with increased demand for these products early in the pandemic. As such, we are including these supplies in this section as they are pertinent to protecting the health and safety of our students, employees, and contractors. 

    Protocols for providing PPE include the following: 

    1. Identification of need for PPE based upon job duties and work location 
    2. Procurement of PPE 
    3. As specified in the amended law, public employers must be able to provide at least two pieces of each required type of PPE to each essential employee and contractor during any given work shift for at least six months 
    4. Public employers must be able to mitigate supply chain disruptions to meet this requirement 
    5. Storage of, access to, and monitoring of PPE stock 
    6. PPE must be stored in a manner which will prevent degradation 
    7. Employees and contractors must have immediate access to PPE in the event of an emergency 
    8. The supply of PPE must be monitored to ensure integrity and to track usage rates 

    Identification of PPE Based on Job Duties 

    Each District building will be provided with a supply of disposable masks and hand sanitizer for use by students, employees, contractors, and/or visitors. Supervising custodians will monitor and replenish those supplies on a weekly basis. Individuals with a medical necessity and an approved reasonable accommodation will be provided with a supply of N-95 masks. 

    Given the nature of their work, building and grounds staff will be supplied daily access to disposable masks and gloves to use when cleaning and/or disinfecting areas on campus. In addition, they will have access to face shields and gowns to use for job duties that require such additional protection. 

    School nurses will also be supplied with daily access to disposable masks, N-95 Masks, gloves, face shields and gowns to ensure their safety in the presence of ill or possibly ill students, staff, or contractors. 

    Bus drivers will be supplied daily with disposable masks and gloves. Bus mechanics will be provided with disposable masks, gloves, and they will be fitted with N-95 masks for use when utilizing ionizing sanitation sprayers/equipment to clean buses, or other PPE as required by manufacturer’s recommendations. 

    Procurement of PPE 

    Supervising Custodians will track PPE inventory by building in the form of an inventory report that will be submitted to the Coordinator of Buildings and Buildings and Grounds for review each week. When inventory gets low (defined as having less than two pieces of each required type of PPE to each essential employee and contractor during any given work shift for at least six month), the Coordinator of Buildings and Grounds or designee will notify the Purchasing/Payroll Clerk who will contact one or more of the vendors on the District approved suppliers list to procure the necessary PPE. The District maintains and periodically updates the supplier list in an effort to mitigate supply chain disruptions. For unforeseen supply disruptions or shortages, the District will work with the Warren County Public Health Department for assistance. 

    Storage of PPE 

    A supply of PPE is stored in each building supervisor’s main office. The PPE stored in this area is generally to cover the next 5-10 days. Additional PPE for the next 2-3 weeks is stored in the basement and/or storage area of each building. PPE needed for the next 1-2 months is stored in the Building and Grounds facility for distribution to the buildings as needed. A PPE inventory is done at each location every 1-2 weeks. 

    Staff Exposures, Cleaning, and Disinfection 

    Staff and Student Exposures 

    The District will follow established protocols when staff and/or student exposure situations occur. Given the nuances or complexities associated with potential exposures, close contacts, symptomatic persons, and those testing positive, the District will follow CDC/public health recommendations and requirements and will coordinate with Warren County Public Health Department for additional guidance and support as needed. Exposure protocols will be updated as necessary and/or required and will be communicated to students, parents, employees, and contractors and posted on the District’s website. 

    Cleaning and Disinfecting 

    The District will follow CDC and public health guidelines for best practices in the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces/areas. Present guidance for routine cleaning during a public health emergency includes, but is not limited to, frequently cleaning high traffic and high touch areas; cleaning areas with soap and water prior to disinfecting surfaces with products that meet EPA criteria; providing cleaning staff with appropriate PPE; and following instructions of cleaning products to ensure safe and effective use. 

    Employee Leave

    Unless required by Federal, State or local law, the District will follow the leave provisions of the respective collective bargaining agreements and/or the leave provisions in employee handbooks for non-bargaining unit employees.   

    Documentation of Work Hours and Locations

    In a public health emergency, it may be necessary to document work hours and locations of each employee and contractor to support contact tracing efforts.  Locations shall include specific areas inside school buildings and specific areas outside on school grounds. This information may be used by the New York State Department of Health and Warren County Public Health Department to support contact tracing within the organization and may be shared with State and/or local public health officials. 

    Housing for Essential Employees

    There are circumstances within a public health emergency when it may be prudent to have essential employees lodged in such a manner which will help prevent the spread of the subject communicable disease to protect these employees from potential exposures, thus helping to ensure their health and safety and the continuity of the District’s essential operations. 

    If such a need arises, the District will coordinate with the Warren County Public Health Department  to help identify and arrange for these housing needs. 

    Adopted 3/8/21