Grades 6-8 Regional Academy

  • Middle school students raise their hands to answer a math problem The Queensbury Summer Academy hosts a BOCES regional summer school for any students leaving grades 6-8 and for Queensbury students who will enter grade 6 in the fall.
    The six-week, half-day program will help participants strengthen academic areas they struggled with during the school year. It will also provide instruction and activities that support their ability to be innovative and think critically. Students will receive free breakfast and bagged lunches to encourage healthy eating habits as well.
    During summer 2019, enrolled students will attend school from approximately 8 a.m. to noon:
    • July 2 & 3; July 8-12
    • July 15 - August 12 with no classes on Fridays.
    • Regents exams, if applicable, are on August 13-16.

    School Day
    Students in the 6-8 regional summer school will occupy a portion of Queensbury Middle School and rotate among a set of designated classrooms. A typical summer school day will include the following four elements:

    Students will strengthen their literacy skills ─ fundamental to success in all academic areas  ─ through independent and collaborative projects, engaging lessons and discussions, and the thoughtful use of educational technology.
    Students will explore math concepts introduced in their prior school year in order to increase their comprehension and proficiency before moving onto the next grade level. They will also preview some of the standards for the following school year.
    The ungraded innovation curriculum will help students strengthen their creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills. Students will engage in discussions on timely topics, dive deeper into those topics through the research process, and deliver a final presentation on their research at the end of the summer.
    The ungraded C.A.R.E. curriculum was developed in partnership with the Warren County Council for Prevention. Students will participate in class discussions, activities and team building challenges as they explore grade-level appropriate content focused on:

    Conflict resolution
    Anger management
    Respect for self and others
    Effective communication

    Good attendance will help students receive the maximum benefit of this fun-filled learning experience. Students will receive a handbook that further outlines attendance guidelines.

    Middle school students prepare a crepe

    Students who attend Queensbury schools are eligible for transportation provided by Queensbury Union Free School District. Students are picked up at designated bus stops, and parents are notified of their child’s anticipated pick-up and drop-off times after enrollment. Non-resident students will be transported to and from the academy based on the transportation policy of their home district.
    Students in the 6-8 academy will receive free breakfast and lunch every school day. They will also enjoy hands-on food preparation/cooking lessons.
    Enrolling in the Regional Summer Program
    The Queensbury Summer Academy: Grades 6-8 Regional Summer School is open to residents of Queensbury Union Free School district and to non-residents. Enrollment is free to district residents and $200/student for non-residents, which covers the full six weeks.
    Queensbury Residents
    Teachers, school counselors, and administrators will contact the parents of students who need to strengthen their academic skills before the coming school year and assist them in registering for the academy.
    Non-resident Students
    Parents of students who do not attend Queensbury schools should contact their child’s school counselor/principal about registering as authorization from the student’s home district is required. Online registration is available through your child’s school counselor/principal.
    Counselors/principals in students' home districts are asked to collect:
    • A completed Student Access Release and Authorization form from each enrolling student, which must be signed by the student and a parent to ensure computer access during summer school. Forms can be mailed in along with payment.
    • A copy of the free and reduced-price meals application, if applicable, for each enrolling student. Applications can be mailed in along with payment.
    • A copy of the IEP/504 Plan, if applicable, for each enrolling student. Plans can be mailed in along with payment.
    • Payments for their students' enrollment costs. Please send a check(s) made payable to QUFSD by mail to: Queensbury Middle School - Regional Summer School, 455 Aviation Rd., Queensbury, NY 12804. Payment must be received by July 8.

    Counselors/Administrators in Other Districts
    Please contact Queensbury Middle School at (518) 824-3607 for information on the online enrollment process for non-resident students.