• Instructional Technology 

    Technology at the Queensbury school district is supported by three specialty areas that all work together to ensure the needs of staff and students are being met. 
    Instructional Support 
    The department employs a "teacher on assignment" who provides classroom support and professional development for staff. By working with teachers to research, plan and co-teach technology-infused lessons, units and projects, technology is integrated directly into the curriculum. 
    Technical Support
    Two computer technicians and a network coordinator provide timely and knowledgeable technical support for the more than 2,000 computers, laptops, Chromebooks, terminals, and wireless access points available throughout the district. This front-line troubleshooting, computer repair, network and server management is crucial to the success of students and staff. 

    Data and Communication Support
    The accuracy and reliability of student data has become a critical element in the reporting requirements of a school district to New York State's Education Department. The department has done an admirable job in meeting these requirements thanks to the efforts of the Chief Information Officer and Communication/Information Technology Specialist, who oversee all district systems including student information, financial, human resources, lunch service, transportation, and health. Additionally, this staff also handles all Data Warehouse needs and website maintenance. 


  • Contact Information:   
    Director of Instructional Technology 
    455 Aviation Road
    Queensbury, NY 12804 
    Main Number: 518-824-5650
    Fax Number: 518-824-5642