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Voters Approve Queensbury Capital Project

Jan. 12, 2016
Voters sign in during the 2016 capital project vote Today, voters in Queensbury Union Free School District braved snowy roads to approve a tax neutral $39,735,000 capital project proposal for Queensbury High School by a vote of 537 to 203. The project will transform the rigid, mid-century design of the 52-year-old school with no additional local tax impact.
“It’s wonderful to live in a community that demonstrates so much support for public school education and its children. This project will catapult the physical structure of the high school well into the 21st century,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Douglas W. Huntley.
The approved capital project will provide students with:
  • Three interdisciplinary instructional communities in the humanities, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), and fine and performing arts.
  • Enhanced school safety by centralizing community-use areas within the main school corridor and by providing a more secure main school entrance.
  • Greater energy efficiency and increased comfort through the replacement of original, energy inefficient windows and walls.
  • Extended learning areas that provide more opportunities for collaboration, creativity, innovation and enrichment.
It will also provide district residents with more flexible and accessible community spaces.
State building aid will cover $26,550,000 of the cost and return to the local community some of the taxes it pays to the state. The remaining balance of $13,185,000 is the local share of the cost, but the project will be tax neutral due to the retirement of district debt.
Construction is expected to begin in spring 2018 and end by fall 2019. Students in high school as of the 2019-20 school year will be the first to experience the renovations in the proposed project.