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2018 School Budget Vote Exit Survey Results

July 16, 2018


Voters complete an exit poll Of the 1,022 residents who voted on the annual school budget in May, 53 percent chose to fill out an anonymous exit survey and share their thoughts with the Queensbury Board of Education.


Following are highlights of the results from the 2018 school budget vote exit survey (PDF):

  • On educational quality, 98 percent of respondents rated the district as “excellent” (76 percent) or “good” (22 percent).
  • More than half of respondents (53 percent) have children who graduated from Queensbury or are too old for K-12 schools.
  • When asked under what conditions a district should propose a school budget that exceeds its tax cap, among survey respondents:
    • More than 62 percent said if not doing so would jeopardize existing programs/services;
    • Similar percentages said if doing so would expand opportunities for students (43 percent), if not doing so would jeopardize existing staff positions (42 percent) or if not doing so would jeopardize the district’s fiscal health (41 percent); and
    • 20 percent chose no conditions.
  • Among those who supported the budget, top reasons for doing so were that they support education (84 percent), the budget meets the needs of students (69 percent) and the budget increase is reasonable (46 percent).
  • Among those who voted against the budget, top reasons for doing so were the increase in the budget (58 percent), the increase in the tax levy (53 percent) and that they support education, but can’t afford the cost (53 percent).
  • Among respondents, 31 percent visit district social media weekly or daily.
  • When respondents want other, non-budget information about Queensbury schools, 54 percent turn to the district website and 46 percent turn to the district newsletter.