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Aspects of capital project site work ahead of schedule, campus will have two main entrances

August 28, 2018


Construction in front of QHS


Major renovations have occurred throughout the high school over the summer and will continue throughout the coming school year as part of the district’s Legacy 2020 capital project. With a week to go before school begins, aspects of the capital project site work is ahead of schedule. This positive news has allowed the completion of a new campus entrance, allowing people two ways to enter campus in time for the first day of school. Please see the below map for a re-routed traffic pattern and newly designated parking lots specifically pertaining to Queensbury High School students and parents. All QHS families will also receive a postcard outlining the information in this letter as well as a map of the 2018-19 traffic pattern. Click here for a PDF of the map.

Sept. 2018 QHS traffic flow



New QHS traffic pattern


Parents coming from the west can enter through a new campus entrance as shown on the map; parents coming from the east can enter through the main campus entrance controlled by the traffic signal on Aviation Rd. As shown on the map, parent drop-offs and pickups will occur in front of the "blue gym" lobby. This area has established visibility, established curbs and sidewalks, and offers the safest and most efficient traffic pattern for people to follow. Buses will be using the front parking lot of the school for both drop-offs and pickups this year. Also indicated on the map are new parking lot designations. The back parking lot adjacent to the blue gym lobby will be for staff and visitors and the front parking lot will be for students.


There will be on-going construction in front of QHS to renovate the new main entrance and the center of the building. That area, shown in red on the map, will be restricted to construction vehicles/activity only and inaccessible to regular vehicle traffic. For at least the first few weeks of school, there will be traffic attendants stationed in parking lot areas to assist with traffic flow. 


We recognize that this map is a newer and different version than what was previously communicated a few weeks ago. However, capital project site work has progressed nicely, allowing the district to further evaluate traffic patterns and drop-off/pickup procedures to offer the safest and most efficient options during the busiest times on campus.


Typical school day campus traffic

If you choose to drop-off your child in the morning, please take into account the following wait times you will encounter.





Wait Time

Prior to 7:15 am




7:15 - 7:20 a.m.




7:20 - 7:30 a.m.



Expect delays


While driving on campus, please:

  • Be exceptionally careful, safe, and courteous
  • Follow the 15 miles per hour speed limit
  • Park only in marked parking spaces
  • Provide students and pedestrians with the right of way at all times
  • Report violations to the school principal
  • Unload/load students from the passenger side of the car only and onto the curbed sidewalk


Please continue to visit the website for regular updates about the construction process.