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QHS students receive health and safety tips from a State Trooper and SRO Murphy

On January 14 and 15, QHS students had the opportunity learn from New York State Trooper Hutter and Queensbury School Resource Officer Murphy in their health classes. Students had great feedback about the program and enjoyed the presentation. Topics discussed included the effects of alcohol and drugs on the human body and education about online bullying and sexting. Students were informed about many New York state laws and DWI traffic stops.


QHS Health teachers appreciate collaborating towards improved health, safety and wellbeing of students.


Top Tips for Students and Families include:

  1. Remove unused and expired prescription drugs from the home. Glens Falls Police Dept and Warren County Sheriff's Office have medication drop boxes.
  2. If you are concerned about a change in someone’s behavior, reach out to a trusted adult or parents can contact the pediatrician.
  3. Give cell phones a curfew. Conversations can become more dramatic and escalate at night.
  4. Communicate with friends you trust. Have a plan. Parents can communicate with other parents so adults are talking as much as the kids.
  5. Try to keep open lines of communication between parents and children

Trooper Hutter talking to students

Trooper Hutter talking to students in a classroom


Student with DWI goggles

Student wearing DWI goggles


SRO Murphy talking to students

SRO Murphy talking to students in a classroom