Six QHS Students honored in 2022 Teen Excellence Awards

Queensbury Union Free School District is proud to announce, in conjunction with the Post Star, the 2022 Teen Excellence Award recipients.  The Teen Excellence Awards look to go beyond academics and athletics to identify outstanding young people between the ages of 13 and 19 who have demonstrated personal growth, leadership and innovation along with a commitment to the community. See below a brief description of the six Queensbury students who were nominated for this honor.  To read the full story on each honoree, read the full publication here.

Lindsay Bauer

Lindsay is a very secure, stable young lady who is willing to take on new challenges. She is authentic and passionate in all of her endeavors. She is well-spoken, respectful to all, intelligent, compassionate, funny and charismatic. It is a pleasure to interact with a student who possesses such positive self-esteem, and who is humble and poised. Lindsay upholds the highest regard for her friends, family and community. Her intrinsic motivation and positive attributes have naturally blossomed as she leads others by example. Lindsay has taken her musical talents and volunteered to help with the WHBI Practice Club. Her leadership extends onto the athletic field as well. She immersed in our high school musical ensembles and clubs as an accomplished musician and club officer.

Claudia Calby

Claudia is an amazing leader! She is president of the Teen Advocacy Group, captain of the varsity girls’ cross country team and associate marketing editor of the school newspaper. She is also a member of the Rotary National Youth Leadership Association. Claudia is very involved in the community through her participation in various volunteer efforts. She has been teaching foreign language to younger 5th grade Queensbury students for the past 4 years, helping to foster an interest in world languages at an early age. She is also heavily involved in the Glens Falls Lions Club, volunteering for many different sponsored activities. 

Jude Jordi-Donnelly

Over Jude’s time in high school, he has forged his own path and found ways to be a positive leader not only within our building but also on the athletic field and the Queensbury community as a whole. He has been a member of our Boys’ Soccer Program throughout all four years of high school. Jude has been a three year starter on our Varsity team, and was appointed team captain this year. Jude is a member of the elite travel soccer team, the Albany Alleycats Soccer Club, where he was voted team captain for three years. As the Boys’ Soccer team captain, Jude was pushed in new ways this year in the area of leadership and accountability. Jude stepped up to take responsibility in holding himself accountable for the actions of his teammates. He leaned on the support of his coaches and other adults to navigate and lead his teammates. It impacted his growth as a leader in great ways.

Madeline “Maddie” MacEachron

Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you are doing for others?’” This statement couldn’t ring more true for Madeline MacEachron. She is a young woman who goes to great lengths day in and day out to make a difference with our school and community. Through her genuine care for others and insightful nature, Maddie goes above and beyond to make an impact. She has a mature ability to handle all of her responsibilities not only with her academics but also with her numerous extracurricular activities. Community and family go hand in hand with Madeline. She is a standout for her level of commitment to the community, serving in so many different facets. She is a highly motivated and tireless worker that positively contributes to her classes as a quiet leader who always assists her peers. She is a young woman who values her education and is an academic risk taker. 

Benjamin “Ben” Robinson

Ben thrives in a natural and stimulating learning environment, in which like minds explore, debate, and inquire. He is a student who doesn’t just accept fact as truth–rather, he challenges outcomes until he is satisfied with the result. Ben does not join something just to be a member. His brain is full of ideas and energy to such a degree that he soon finds himself in leadership roles. Ben is quite verbal, has a strong sense of opinion and has the ingenuity to take on something new without fear or trepidation. He is naturally smart, an articulate speaker and a voracious reader. 

Mackenzie Steves

Mackenzie has welcomed experiences in her youth that most of us have reserved to explore during adulthood. She seized an opportunity with her dance studio in Saratoga Springs to volunteer instructing young dancers with special needs. As a student, Mackenzie ranks nearly in the top one-quarter of a highly assertive academic cohort. She has obtained a cumulative grade point average of “A-” with a challenging college preparatory set of offerings that reflect increasing levels of rigor over time. She is a young person who knows what she wants and is committed to the vast undertakings necessary in the pursuit of her goals. These character traits bode well for her as an undergraduate in the fast-aced and academically competitive field of healthcare.