Spartatude Supporters

  • Employees are happier in their job when they have a positive attitude about the work they do each day. Similarly, students are happier when they have a positive attitude about education. But it’s not just because being happy feels good; it’s also because a child’s attitude affects his or her ability to learn.

    William H. Barton Intermediate School encourages all Spartans in grades 4-5 to show:

    SPARTATUDE = Spartans + a positive attitude

    Spartatude culture promotes respectful and responsible behavior that creates a positive school environment, where students feel safe and can achieve academic and social success at school, at home and in the community. Students are encouraged to be safe, respectful, responsible, cooperative and a problem solver. When they are, they can earn special incentives throughout the school year.

    Area businesses are invited to partner with WHBI as a “Spartatude Supporter” by displaying a special window decal in a prominent location for all Queensbury families to see. When Queensbury students visit these businesses, they will know their community recognizes and values Spartatude.

    Watch the video below to see some of the businesses that have already become Spartatude Supporters.

    Call today to find out how your business can become a Spartatude Supporter!

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  • WHBI Spartatude Supporter
    Program Contact
    Gwynne Cosh, Assistant Principal
    Phone: (518) 824-2608
    2017 Spartatude Supporters
    AAA Northway
    Angelina's Pizzeria
    Columbia Cabinets
    Fun Spot
    Garden Time
    Olive Garden
    Price Chopper
    Queensbury Parks & Recreation
    Recovery Room
    Red Lobster
    The Silo
    The Sportspage
    Texas Roadhouse