Spring Athletics Placement Process

The Spring sports season is set to start on March 14th. 

In order to prepare for the Athletic Placement Process (APP), please read the following information carefully.

All students looking to go through the APP process will need to be approved by the head coach of the program. Students will need to complete APP paperwork and submit it to their building nurse prior to March 10th.  

Form C (found in the APP paperwork) needs to first be completed by the student’s healthcare provider prior to review by our medical director or designee on March 10th. A Hudson Headwater Health Network medical provider will be at the high school and middle school on Thursday, March 10th to conduct physicals and approve APP paperwork . 

Once the student-athlete has been cleared by the district’s medical provider, they will be able to take the physical fitness exam. The fitness testing will be conducted on Thursday, March 10 at 3:00 PM in the high school weight room.

For more information, visit our Athletics Placement Process page.