Third grade art students finish self-portrait projects

Students in Ms. Backus’ third grade art class began the school year working on a self-portrait. Students were asked to include giant sunglasses in their portraits illustrating their big dreams! The class spent time talking about their dreams and goals before working on the portraits. Some of the dreams included discovering a new animal, creating a video game and swimming with dolphins!

After the first self-portrait, students then moved onto their Minecraft self-portraits. Students had to create themselves as a block Minecraft person. Before working on the project, students talked a lot about what made them unique and their distinguishing characteristics  (hair color, eye color, shirt design, etc.). 

“I wanted students to come back to the art program and have time where they can create and have fun,” said QES art teacher Shelby Backus. “They feel the pressure and weight of this new normal. I wanted them to remember we are still filled with dreams and we are still uniquely individual and that is a beautiful thing.”

Student self-portrait swimming with dolphinsArt student self-portraitMinecraft student self-portraitMinecraft self-portrait from QES student