WHBI’s Odyssey of the Minds places 17 out of 49 Worlds teams

At the 2022 Odyssey of the Minds World Championships in Ames, Iowa, the team from WHBI placed 17th out of 49 teams in problem 1, division 1. 

Odyssey of the Minds is an international education program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through the college level. Team members use their creativity to solve problems ranging from building mechanical devices to presenting their personal interpretations of literary classics. After competing locally, Odyssey of the Minds teams then bring their solutions to the state and world level.

Group of children with coaches in their Odyssey of Minds costumes
From left to right: Aurora Truta (Mom/Coach), Alexandru Mailat (5th Grade), Isabella “Izzie” Ramos, Wendy Single (Teacher/Advisor), Jonah Di Bari (4th Grade), Mason Bartone (5th Grade), Brynn Cintora (5th Grade), Avery Nelson (5th Grade), Heather Ballek (Mom/Coach), Dominic Valastro

“We are very proud of this team and its coaches as it was the first time Queensbury has qualified and competed at the World level,” says Amy Di Bari, a parent of a competitor, “We are so thankful for WHBI, the Parent Teacher Association, and the Queensbury community for their support and assistance especially funding the trip.”

For more information on the Odyssey of the Minds competitions, visit their webpage here.