The WHBI Spartatude program promotes respectful and responsible behavior that creates a positive school environment where students feel safe and can achieve academic and social success. Strategies are established that help achieve important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior through positive reinforcement and reward. The philosophy is to reinforce targeted behaviors rather than punish or deliver consequences for unwanted behaviors.

Through the Spartatude expectations, students learn what is expected of them in the classroom, throughout the school, on the bus and in the community. When students are “caught” exhibiting these behaviors by teachers and staff, they are rewarded with a Spartatude ticket. As a celebration of earning tickets each quarter, WHBI administrators invite students to participate in a special Spartatude celebration.

Spartan behaviors

Be safe

Keep control of yourself, including body and choice of words, within all areas of school.

Be respectful

Be kind and polite when interacting with others; follows classroom and school rules.

Be responsible

Be prepared each day for school; completes assignments.

Be cooperative

Listens, communicates and gets along with teachers, classmates and others in school.

Be a problem solver

Identifies a problem, brainstorms solutions and then chooses the best solution.