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CharacterStrong (PK-12) Social-emotional Learning Curriculum

CharacterStrong is a program designed for teachers and staff to cultivate social and emotional skills in students. It offers a comprehensive approach to character education, focusing on building empathy, resilience, and positive relationships among students. Through various resources, lesson plans, and activities, CharacterStrong aims to create a supportive school environment that fosters kindness, compassion, and personal growth. 


Regular and consistent school attendance is crucial to the academic and social-emotional success of our students.  QUFSD employs multiple layers of support to aid students and families throughout their PK-12 educational path.  Please remember to connect with school attendance office to talk about and review absences, tardies, and early dismissals.  Many parent resources can also be found at; Attendance Works.

Parents as Partners Webinar Series 2023-24

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Social-emotional Learning at QUFSD

Queensbury Union Free School District is a shining example of the commitment to social-emotional learning (SEL) in education. Recognizing the crucial role of emotional intelligence and well-being in students’ overall development, the school has integrated SEL into its curriculum and culture. With a focus on empathy, self-awareness, and relationship-building, Queensbury fosters a nurturing environment that promotes mental health and positive social interactions. Through various programs, workshops, and activities, students are encouraged to develop emotional resilience, communication skills, and a sense of empathy for others. The school’s dedication to social-emotional learning not only equips students with essential life skills but also cultivates a supportive community where every individual feels valued and understood. Queensbury School serves as a model for promoting holistic growth, ensuring students are prepared not only academically but also emotionally to face the challenges of the future with confidence and compassion.